Dental marketing study: Using viral videos for MAX-imum impact

BrandMax Tri-Clean Ultrasonic Cleaners for dental instruments have earned a spot among Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products for three consecutive years based on numerous product attributes. Their creative campaigns on social media sure don’t hurt, either. Whether channeling Godzilla stomping wreckage in their “Superior Power” video (above) or breaking it down to “Hey Girl” with […]

Randall Lane @Forbes on the ‘ultimate magazine’ for dentists and its 40 under 40 ‘phenomenon’

Each fall, Incisal Edge, the leading lifestyle magazine for dental professionals nationwide, celebrates America’s finest young practitioners – the “40 Under 40” – for their achievements in dentistry. The publication, available to the dental community and general public quarterly, celebrates dentists for their accomplishments both inside the operatory and during their hard-earned downtime. Randall Lane (shown above), editor of […]

The Ninja Dentist is back.

Dr. Desiree Walker has a firm grasp on the competition, literally. The Lumberton, North Carolina dentist made her national-television debut on American Ninja Warrior, NBC’s extreme-obstacle challenge, which aired in June of 2014. The 35-year-0ld’s nemesis back then: her faltering grip on a rope, which led to what has been called by the show’s co-host Jenn Brown, […]

The Wonder Woman of Dentistry: How turning 30 helped a Florida dentist return to bikini bodybuilding and depart from pizza #ie40under40

Bikini Model Transformation It all started from a simple decision to embrace potential and face fear 2017 Incisal Edge honoree Dr. Natalie Pennington graces the Natural Muscle magazine circa August, 2013 On the eve of turning 30, Dr. Natalie Pennington decided to face her fears and return to a journey she began at age 16. […]

Stop drooling, Monopoly. Face facts: Cheek retractor games acquire prime real estate.

Watch Ya’ Mouth. Speak Out! So say some of the most sought after interactive games of the season, according to and The Telegraph. The challenge: A player states nonsensical phrases while wearing a cheek retractor, and his or her teammates attempt to interpret. Is it any surprise that a competition featuring spit, drool and slobber soared past the […]

Are you happy at work?

If you said yes, it might be linked to your workplace being certified green by the U.S. Green Building Council. Workers in buildings that are certified green by the U.S. Green Building Council are happier and healthier than those who work in buildings that are not green certified. This finding, reported in Green Building Elements, comes from researchers […]

Soon to be 100 years halitosis-free.

  No, they don’t simulate bad breath, but dental models created in Lancaster, Pennsylvania arrive at dental schools complete with tartar, gum disease, or ready for a root canal. Selling over one billion teeth per year, Columbia Dentoform even offers feline and canine “patient simulators” for dental students. Forty-one year employee Director of Sales Philip Briales (who tells his […]