PRO-SYS® VarioSonic® Power Toothbrush Rated +++++ By Dental Advisor

Following an evaluation that included 1,802 brushing sessions by a panel of dentists, hygienists and patients, the VarioSonic® power toothbrush by PRO-SYS® received Dental Advisor’s highest possible rating of +++++, Excellent/Editor’s Choice, based on a 96% overall score. Evaluators noted its performance (“Definitely feels better”), choice of distinct cleaning modes (“I liked the option of […]

How is a family of products improving lives through ‘Intelligent Healing’?

Dental professionals, dental journals and most importantly — dental patients — share positive stories about a family of products and how it has improved lives for the positive. StellaLife® makes oral health and pain management solutions that improve dental patients’ experiences. Their mission: Making a Difference Through Intelligent Healing.® How are they making that difference? […]

98% clinical performance + above average strength = Obsidian

A rating of “excellent” by The Dental Advisor tells the story for Glidewell Dental Laboratories’ Obsidian. The restoration material recently received a 98% clinical performance rating at the 30-month recall. The review: “The performance and esthetics of Obsidian crowns during the 30-month evaluation period has been exceptional. The restorations will continue to be monitored over time.” Recommended […]