Teen testimonial: How Whitney Houston, a top doc and the Sony Walkman saved the day.

The late Dr. Bernard Carr was light years ahead of his time. I still recall the oral surgeon in Hazleton, Pennsylvania offering me the loan of a Sony Walkman and a cassette featuring Whitney Houston power ballads during an in-office procedure in 1984. While its quarter-sized foam headphones hardly muffled all the cringe-worthy crunching encountered during the removal of my impacted wisdom teeth, the familiar […]

Help these do-gooders with a Kickstart!

“Look good, do good, have fun,” say GiGi and McKenzie Crafton. These two philanthropic youngsters put their motto into action with the launch of Bracket Ears jewelry (earrings, bracelets, charms, tie tacks, pins) crafted from — orthodontic brackets. In previous interviews with TheDailyFloss.com and Incisal Edge, the youngest members of the Crafton family shared that in 2002, they […]

Toddler tooth decay under the microscope at Penn

One professor’s new findings might pave the path to prevent painful infections in young children. University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine’s Hyun (Michel) Koo and colleagues research suggests an aggressive form of tooth decay in toddlers may result from a partnership between a bacterium and a fungus, according to a report in Penn News Today, a University […]