Are You Scheduling Efficiently?

By Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America Once the dentistry is accepted and there is a signed financial agreement, the scheduling can occur.  One of the biggest challenges we see practices dealing with on a daily basis is how to effectively schedule to maximize the time and efficiency of procedures while decreasing […]

Who needs stress management? Everyone.

by Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America Stress management is related to how each person deals with the daily stressors that occur in the dental practice and how they choose to view and respond to it. Excessive stress in the workplace is caused by many different factors: pace (too busy or too slow),  cancellations, open […]

Infection control one click away.

Spend just over three minutes with Leann Keefer, RDH, MSM, and you’ll gain new insight on how to maintain your practice sterilizer; use the appropriate accessories; record sterilization parameters and know what to look for during the ideal sterilization cycle.

The Director of Clinical Education for Crosstex®, one of the leading healthcare providers of infection prevention/single-use disposable products, Keefer offers presentations, via short videos that highlight processes for infection control products.

Crosstex®, whose products — all manufactured in the U.S. — include earloop face masks, sterilization packaging and patient towels/bibs and plastic cups, recently launched an informational YouTube site featuring a number of helpful videos for the dental practice. will highlight a few in the coming weeks, but visit to view them all.