5 ways penmanship can boost your #dentalpractice on #NationalHandwritingDay

Handwriting — yours is as individual as your dental style. In celebration of the this week’s #NationalHandwritingDay — January 23 — put your personal spin on these five suggestions to improve your dental brand, your way. 1. Draft handwritten kudos cards for your #dentalstaff.  ( https://www.bencoprints.com/ ) 2. Personalize birthday messages and #milestonemoment notes to celebrate […]

Want a magical experience for your dental patients? Vivarra adds life, allays anxiety.

Vivarra™ patient engagement app is the brainchild of digital-media designer Micaela Blondin, who originally created it for the young son of Vivarra’s founder, David Nolan. The younger Nolan has autism, and Blondin—who knew the boy loved Godzilla—designed an app for him that depicted the creature popping out of a piece of paper, according to Blondin’s recent […]

Who doesn’t love a dental riddle?

Q: What do you wear to celebrate National Child Health Day, National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween? A: A Zooby® Pediatric Bib, of course. An October launch occurs just in time for new Zooby Pediatric Bibs to help transform patients into one of five wild characters. Each bib features the body of an animal and acts as a costume that helps […]

A touch of whimsy in Utah

When not caring for patients at one of his Utah pediatric dental practices,  Dr. Jason Horgesheimer dedicates time to helping create atmospheres in which they feel comfortable during their treatment. He recently worked in tandem with Benco Dental’s CenterPoint Design team to construct a practice – South Davis Pediatric Dentistry in Bountiful, Utah — that offers unique touches […]

Start your Monday with Shea.


Meet SHEA Breed:  West Highland White Terrier  Likes: Fishing, Dr. Donn Winokur, staff and patients at Ocean Family Dental Favorite foods: Edamame and grilled chicken
Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Likes: Fishing, Dr. Donn Winokur, staff and patients at Ocean Family Dental
Favorite foods: Edamame and grilled chicken

Joey Aquilino spends the Thursday car ride from Toms River, N.J., excited to see Shea, a friend in Lakewood he hasn’t visited in a few months.

That same December day, Shea’s morning routine is complete: teeth and hair brushed, out the door to work with Dr. Donn Winokur.

After one last glance at Shea’s picture on his dad’s phone in the car, Joey and Anthony Aquilino enter Ocean Family Dental together.

“In the past he would be upset coming through the door,” says Anthony Aquilino, who has been scheduling dental visits for his special needs son since Joey was 6 or 7. Joey is now 35.

“The doctor sees Joe every four months, which was very traumatic for him for years.”

That was all before therapy dog Shea arrived on the scene in 2011.

“We came in one day and Dr. Winokur asked ‘Would you like me to try Shea with Joe?’ It was an instant miracle, it’s incredible,” says Aquilino.

Specializing in pediatric dentistry since 1973, Dr. Winokur found himself drawn to helping children, especially those with special needs.

“I developed that when I was a young child. I saw people with special needs who weren’t being cared for, so I just developed a sub skillset.”

After attending the School of Dentistry at West Virginia University in Morgantown and completing his residency at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Dr. Winokur traveled to the Pacific Northwest to complete a special program at the University of Washington’s School of Dentistry.  The DECOD Clinic, or Dental Education in the Care of Persons with Disabilities, is guided by the precept that people with disabilities frequently have serious dental problems and difficulty in accessing dental services.

“I just really want this to get out there, because people should do this more often in their offices.  Especially with special needs patients, it’s tremendous,” says the doctor.

Wondering if cats can provide dental office therapy, too? Find out more and experience an afternoon with Shea and Dr. Winokur  as featured in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/636592a9#/636592a9/22