Which product is making the root-membrane technique simple, intuitive and effective?

IDS makes immediate implant placement in the esthetic zone faster, easier and more accessible than ever. Alternately known as socket-shield or partial-extraction therapy, the root-membrane technique offers extraordinarily long-term effectiveness, and the MegaGen Root Membrane Kit distills it into a straightforward, step-by-step procedure to enable more practices to delve into one of the fastest-growing areas […]

4 reasons Dr. Kurt Kline believes Herman Miller furniture should be on dentists’ ‘2019 to buy’ list

Mentoring from an oral-implantology legend fueled Dr. Kurt Kline’s 30-year progression into a true “maverick of the healing arts.” “Not long after graduate school, at an [American Academy of Implant Dentistry] meeting, I attended a symposium. I wanted to learn from one panelist in particular—world-class implant dentist Carl Misch—and I told him so. Weeks later […]

What happens in Vegas? 21 speaker, 37 topics, 20 workshops at the Mega’Gen Symposium

  Not to be a name dropper, but when the conversation turns to Mandalay Bay Convention Center in October, it can’t be helped. Talk about stage presence! Twenty-one outstanding implant specialists will deliver the message of the 14th Annual Mega’Gen International Symposium: Beyond Technology: Digital & Esthetic Dentistry, A Powerful Combination. The bill includes: Dr. Souheil Bechara, Dr. […]

Check your dental implant IQ

Dental Products Report and Instrumentarium Dental have joined forces to produce an e-book that discusses dental implants. Many Key Opinion Leaders are referenced in a Q&A format that discusses who should be doing implants, potential revenue streams, and mistakes to avoid. Take a look at the true/false questions and test your implant IQ. 1. True or False: All GPs […]

INQUIRING MIND: Inventor and Implant Specialist Dr. Samuel Lee

Inventor and implant specialist Dr. Samuel Lee spent a few moments speaking with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine. His commentary illustrates why humility and curiosity are two of a dentist’s most useful tools. “Without better techniques, dentistry would get boring. The International Academy of Dental Implantology is dedicated to research and education. New inventions always keep […]


Should dentists adhere to implant guidelines? Survey says yes.

CAPTION: July 2014 Inside Dental Technology “NewsWatch” shares survey results on implant guidelines. http://www.dentalaegis.com/idt/2014/07 “The hell with the rules. If it sounds right, then it is.” ― Eddie Van Halen Dental professionals disagree, Eddie. More than 360 dentists of 400 surveyed online in early 2014 told the Academy of Osseointegration (AO) they believe those who practice implant […]