Meet (more than) a few incredible women in Lucy Hobbs Project History #WomensHistoryMonth

Thirty-one days. Not nearly enough time to spotlight every woman in history who has sacrificed, pioneered, challenged, innovated, mentored and made today possible.  Women’s History Month does provide the impetus to honor them,  learn more (   ) and most importantly, continue the path of positive reinforcement. The Lucy Hobbs Project does this through the community of dentistry.  Annually, […]

Though she doesn’t wear a cape, this San Diego dentist is a H.E.R.O to many. #ie40under40

Earning a degree is expensive. Total student loan debt in the U.S. today amounts to $1.52 trillion, according to Forbes. With a financial burden weighing on her shoulders, Dr. Malieka Johnson, DDS, is uncomfortably acquainted with the student loan debt struggle — and that’s why she’s putting a stop to it. Dr. Johnson, raised by […]

How much good can you do in 16 days?

Quite a bit, if you’re supporting Cranberry USA’s ongoing social media campaign for Global Dental Relief. Their Facebook campaign (shown at left), which will run until December 31, offers anyone willing to offer a ‘Like’, a chance to help support children’s oral health. For every ‘Like’ received through month’s end, Cranberry USA will donate $1 to Global Dental […]