Though she doesn’t wear a cape, this San Diego dentist is a H.E.R.O to many. #ie40under40

Earning a degree is expensive. Total student loan debt in the U.S. today amounts to $1.52 trillion, according to Forbes. With a financial burden weighing on her shoulders, Dr. Malieka Johnson, DDS, is uncomfortably acquainted with the student loan debt struggle — and that’s why she’s putting a stop to it. Dr. Johnson, raised by […]

Want to ‘restore’ your knowledge on digital workflow? Here’s how!

Carestream Dental is offering dentists near and far two opportunities to attend an RSVP-only informational course, one on Wednesday, December 12 in Costa Mesa, California and the other Friday, Dec. 14 in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. This practical course focuses on preoperative protocols for guided surgery with Carestream Dental’s CBCT and the CS 3600 digital impression scanner. […]

One way to feel better/work better at your dental practice? Consider adjustable monitor arms, says Herman Miller

Why do standard computer monitors make most people uncomfortable? When looking at a computer monitor, two aspects affect view: the user’s eye height from the seated position, and distance from the monitor. A standard monitor offers limited adjustability. While a user is seated at a standard desk, facing the monitor the position is correct for only […]

We Need to Talk About Women in Dentistry

An Introduction to DeW.Life, and Anne Duffy It’s no surprise that dentistry, like most medical professions, has been historically male-dominated. Yet more and more women are coming to the forefront and pursuing careers as dental professionals. According to Anne Duffy, founder of DeW.Life magazine, 50% of dental school graduates are women – and we need […]

2016: already a banner year for oral health.

It’s only January 27 and the world of dentistry is awash in good news. From headline news in the LA Times about a smokeless tobacco ban at Dodger Stadium, and a Mouthing Off blog post about the American Student Dental Association’s February Wellness Challenge, to social media blasts about the Institute of Oral Health’s Inaugural In Motion: 5K Run, Walk, Fun, 2016 […]

hot tea

This might not be your cup of tea

For ages, coffee and tobacco have gotten a bad rap when it comes to dulling your pearly whites. But that afternoon tea you’ve been enjoying just might be joining the gang and roughing up your teeth as well. What other beverages stain your teeth and what can you do about it? If you want to indulge, better take some precautions.

shirts about dentistry

Let your patient’s wardrobe speak for you

Sure it’s fun to pick through the treasure chest at the dental office, but if you really want to impress your young patients, get a little bit more creative.  Office visits will be much more pleasant when you add a little something to a patient’s t-shirt collection, branded with your practice’s info on the back of course. And adding some humor to the mix just might include a smile or two as well. Dental Rocket offers some funny dental apparel that can turn a dental procedure into a dental party…well, maybe not a party but they might be able to at least lighten the mood.