Know what makes a great combination work? Laura Thill explains.

From calling on accounts together, to conferring daily in support of their customers Chris DeCiuceis (inset) and Preston Hay use their combined 54 years of industry experience to better represent Benco Dental in Northwestern New Jersey. The Master Service Technician, DeCiuceis, and Territory Rep, Hay, share their thoughts on teamwork with First Impressions Magazine’s Laura Thill. In her […]

Total recall: First Impressions shares Benco’s ‘bolder, brighter’ vision

In its June edition, a publication with the sole focus of making dental distribution sales reps better, offers an insider’s view of one company’s efforts to do the same. First Impressions Magazine takes a guided tour through the four-day experience that was the Benco Sales Forum. Hosted in early March by the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor – […]

Are you a lone wolf or a Challenger?

“While most professionals focus on building customer relationships, Challengers focus on pushing customers’ thinking, introducing new solutions to their problems and illuminating problems customers overlook,” according to First Impressions, a dental publication. The magazine recently featured an interview with the VP of Sales at the nation’s fastest growing dental distributor, Benco Dental, regarding the company’s launch of Challenger […]