Larger than life.

A 40-story building. That’s what it took to convince New York City it needed to regulate the construction of skyscrapers in 1916. According to The effort to regulate skyscrapers was galvanized by the construction of the 40-story Equitable Building in 1915 (shown), which, according to Edward O’Reilly for the New-York Historical Society Museum & […]

Enter to win a trip to ADA 2016

You could be featured in ADA 2016 marketing! Through March 31, the ADA is offering chances to attend this year’s annual dental meeting for sharing the reason you enjoy attending. Here’s how: Write the reason you attend on a piece of paper. Take a photo holding the paper. Post publicly on Twitter and/or Facebook using […]

It’s a girl, it’s a boy, it’s a … breakthrough!

  Leave it to the California Dental Association to propagate progress. A Facebook post the CDA shared this week explains the unique cover concept of its award-winning peer-reviewed scientific publication: Pink or blue? Check your mailbox next week to see which version of the February Journal you receive. The first-ever dual covers celebrate the diversity of our editorial contributors and members. Inside […]

Science needs your bacteria

Bad breath? Cavities? Gum Disease? Learn about the 700 kinds of bacteria in your mouth. This The uBiome Team pitch on crowdfunding site poses questions such as “Why do some people get cavities and not others? What causes bad breath?” in the hopes that curious folk inspired by science will support its research with the purchase of a […]

CDA offers dentists social media advice that’s as easy as copy, paste

Last week the California Dental Association made life a little easier for dentists. CDA’s 2015 Sample Employee Manual provides a specific template that practices can incorporate into their own employee manuals. The “Social Networking” section of CDA’s Sample Employee Manual features language that dentists can add such as specifying that only authorized individuals are allowed to represent the practice […]

Proof that dentistry may offer the most flexibility of any career.

A “traveling dentist.” That is the answer to the riddle: “Who is the perfect spouse for a Major League Baseball player?” Tommy Layne (an aspiring baseball star) met his wife Meghan Wagstaff (an aspiring dentist) while she was on a date with someone else. Even though they both shared an attraction, they parted ways in order to accomplish their dreams. Absence makes the heart […]