Ready to Mbrace ergonomics to support wellbeing at your dental practice? Check out this design tip.

Today, successful organizations — especially dental practices — are often the ones that can generate the best ideas the fastest.  Practices rely on technology to fuel the process — sharing information on monitors, using videoconferencing to connect with colleagues, and developing content using touchscreens. But problems arise quickly when the systems and devices in use […]

Dentists: Meet the men in the MoMA. #HermanMiller #dentalpracticedesign

While office chairs may not seem revolutionary, two designers changed that public perception. Don Chadwick Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Don Chadwick attended school at UCLA as a design student. Because of his grandfather, who was a cabinetmaker, Chadwick developed an interest in furniture and eventually specialized in it during his career in […]

Want to uncover 7 insightful solutions for your dental practice @YankeeDental?

If you’re one of nearly 27,000 dental professionals attending New England’s largest dental meeting January 24 – 28, you won’t want to miss seven speakers who offer insightful solutions. During the Yankee Dental Congress 2018 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor will present: How Long Will It Take […]

Find out how one chair started a ‘revolution’. (And how your dental practice design can do the same.)

Herman Miller, a recognized innovator in contemporary interior furnishings, posed a bold challenge to designers and they started a “revolution in ergonomics” — the Aeron Chair. Today, they unite with Incisal Edge, the nation’s only dental lifestyle magazine, to invite dentists, architects and interior designers to share their own revolutionary work and reap the benefits. The 2017 Incisal Edge […]

Stay in the loupe.

Accurate assessments are “paramount,” according to Dr. Howard Strassler in a recent issue of Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine. “Truth is, you can no longer deny the evidence that argues for the use of enhanced visualization. No one would practice without radiographs or an operatory light, after all. Dental and other medical literature certainly support its use, […]