NAFE names Benco Dental among the 2017 ‘Top 60 Companies for Executive Women’

Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor,  has been named one of the 2017 NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women by the National Association for Female Executives, to recognize American corporations where women have significant clout to make the decisions that affect their company’s future and its bottom line. The NAFE Top 60 Companies, released March 9, is featured in the February/March issue of Working Mother. The full list of this year’s winners are listed on


33294112971_38d0a804d1_q“The NAFE Top 60 Companies for Executive Women are the leaders in the U.S. that have moved women into top executive positions and created a culture where talented women are nurtured, promoted and thrive,” says Betty Spence, president of NAFE. “We are very proud to honor their contributions to the advancement of women in the workplace.”

Named after the nation’s first female dentist, the Lucy Hobbs Project, founded by Benco Dental, provides a wide range of development activities to its female professionals and aspiring executives, from formal mentoring sessions and networking events to seminars with inspiring speakers, career coaches and business consultants. Women represent 33% of the execs with profit-and-loss responsibility here. In January 2016, Karen Kuklewicz-Friar was named CFO; Julie Radzyminski became VP of business innovation; and Kari Taylor was hired as VP of sales—all of them the first women in these positions. Moms can access up to eight partially paid weeks of maternity leave.

“NAFE emphasizes women with bottom-line and top-line responsibility—the positions that lead to the corner office—and we’re pleased to report an eight percent increase in women running billion-dollar divisions at the NAFE Top Companies this year,” says Subha V. Barry, vice president and general manager of Working Mother Media (WMM). “In addition, now nearly a third of these companies have five or more women on the board, with many simply increasing the number of board seats to add a woman.”  NAFE is a division of WMM.



At the March 9 event hosted in NYC to celebrate the 2017 NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women, Benco Dental Board Member Marcy Syms (at left) accepts the dental distribution company’s NAFE award.

The 2017 NAFE Top Companies application includes some 200 questions on female representation at all levels, especially the corporate officer and profit-and-loss ranks. The vetting process includes tracking access and usage of programs and policies that promote the advancement of women as well as the training and accountability of managers in relation to the number of women who advance. In order to be eligible for the NAFE Top Companies survey, entrants must have a minimum of 1,000 employees, two women on the Board of Directors and be a public or private company. NAFE also separately names the Top 10 companies in the nonprofit sector.

The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), founded in 1972, serves 20,000 members nationwide with networking, tools and solutions to strengthen and grow their careers and businesses. Working Mother magazine publishes the annual NAFE Top Companies list. provides up-to-date information, a community for women in business, and access to member benefits. NAFE is a division of Working Mother Media, owned by the Bonnier Corporation.

Want to meet dentistry’s 2017 Edison Awards finalists? Incisal Edge did, and shares their stories.

For the third year running, lncisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine  has partnered with the Edison Awards™ to honor the top products and most impressive advances dentistry has seen in the last year. In truth, though, this sort of thing has been going on forever. We impassioned consumers of smartphone and wireless technology can sometimes be forgiven for thinking that innovation itself was invented only yesterday, but the sheer ingenuity that is the calling card of the Edison Awards goes back eons.

Such ingenuity got a decided lift during the lifetime of Thomas Alva Edison, the awards’ namesake, and it continues to loom large today in the sound instincts and impressive brains of dental innovators such as Dr. Paul Zhivago (shown above) whose Open Platform Workflow system uses filmmaking technology to vastly improve the quality of digital impressions of patients’ mouths.

No matter what the industry circumstance, though, dentistry will never -could never – stand still, remaining in place and making no progress. The thrum of medical advance is simply too strong. Yet the bright minds and beautiful prod­ucts in the magazine’s spring edition truly represent the pinnacle of our profession at the present moment. They carry on the spirit and legacy of Thomas Edison -and provide a useful benchmark for generations of dental innovators still to come.

Meet Edison Award finalists in dental categories in the Incisal Edge Spring edition:

Find out how you can attend the 30th annual Edison Awards in New York, NY on April 20, 2017 to experience some of the world’s most respected authorities on innovation offer insight and inspiration. Deadline is March 25:

Screenshot 2017-03-20 17.10.59



Why do you love dentistry?

Incisal Edge wants to know, and is willing to hand over some photography-inspired prizes to find out.

In its Spring edition, the nation’s only dental lifestyle magazine launches a photo-and-essay contest on the topic “Why I Love Dentistry?”

Tell them — in 200 words or fewer, accompanied by a photograph you’ve taken — why the profession is second to none.

Three winning entries will be published in an upcoming edition of Incisal Edge and the doctor who submitted then will win great prizes:

First Prize: DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone
Second Prize: GoPro HERO4
Third Prize: $100 gift card to B&H Photo & Video.

Want to enter? 
Send your entries via email before the Friday, April 7 deadline, to: and use the subject line: “Photo & Essay Contest”


How can dentists say no to patient discomfort and yes to visibility and safety?

By using a new nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation nasal mask designed for patient comfort and relaxation, and for clinical efficiency

Screenshot 2017-03-12 19.17.49AXESS™ Masks, released earlier this  month by Crosstex International, Inc. and its subsidiary, Accutron, Inc., presents a single-use, lightweight and low profile nasal mask that is contoured to form fit comfortably over the patient’s nose.

What clinicians and dental patients can expect:

  • Better visibility and easier access to patient’s mouth.
  • Visual assurance to the clinician as fogging appears in the translucent mask when patients breathe through their nose.
  • A nasal/facial seal that minimizes ambient nitrous oxide in the operatory and gas flow into the patient’s eyes.
  • Patient comfort all without the use of tape or uncomfortable cannula protruding into the patient’s nostril.

The accompanying low profile scavenging circuit easily retrofits to most scavenging circuits and can be steam-sterilized and reused, making it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

AXESS™ Masks are available in three sizes and two scents – mint and bubblegum. A clear, unscented version also is available for scent-sensitive patients. Neither the mask nor the scavenging circuit contains natural rubber or latex.

Get a closer look at:

For more information about AXESS™ Masks or for FREE mask samples, call 800-531-2221 or go to

It’s vital to protect patient information. Carbonite and dentists agree.


Dr. Peter Dana

Dr. Peter Dana of Watertown Dental in Massachusetts has seen many changes since he first became a dentist over 35 years ago.

For one thing, says Dr. Dana, who runs the thriving family practice along with his wife, Dr. Virginia S. Teiber, there have been amazing technological advances that allow for more effective yet less invasive dental procedures. There has also been a massive shift toward digital information, and a rise in industry regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The general and cosmetic dentist shares his thoughts:

“Backing up your data in a safe, HIPAA-controlled environment is crucial,” Dr.

Dana said. “That’s one of the reasons why I went to Carbonite.”

Dr. Dana also chose Carbonite in November, 2013 because it backs up his important patient files automatically in the background, without him having to give it much thought.

With Carbonite, the dentist is free to focus on what he does best: improving

people’s smiles.

“Everything is digitized today – the records, the X-Rays – and I don’t want to

have to worry about backup,” he said. “I want a no-brainer.”

Carbonite is among services offered by BencoNET, which offers reliable, dental-specific networks reinforced by a comprehensive backup service, experienced service techs and strategic vendor partners. Learn more about Carbonite, and the BencoNET difference: