Ready to partner, acquire, or hire at your dental practice? Find resources at this new website.

Whether buying their first practice or preparing for retirement, dentists can benefit from new resources the Benco Dental team has developed to help.

The Benco Practice Transitions experts understand how to meet dentists where they are — at every stage of their careers.

How Benco has changed the game

First, a newly launched website and database for customers presents educational and informational videos and an overview of services. Complete with resources for dental students to connect with Benco, the site explains how to get started with the Transitions team.

Next, Benco aligns with key players in the field.
* In-house consultant Dr. Jim Clark brings 30-plus years of personal experience to the team and shares his knowledge with customers
* Brokerages across the country partner with Benco to offer guidance on finances during a transition, and to assist dentists as they buy or sell a practice.

Finally, Benco Practice Transition experts identify job openings, guide in hiring the right candidates for a practice, and directly match buyers and sellers. Whether doctors seek to partner, acquire, or hire, Benco can help!

Benco Dental Practice Transitions presents its newly launched website and database for customers presents educational and informational videos and an overview of services.

Creating the future together

All of these new offerings in the Benco Dental Practice Transitions pilot phase are just the beginning. Coming soon: AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools on the website will better match dentists to practices, and job postings will allow practices to reach their full potential.

Where to begin? Start your transitions journey with Benco Dental — check out the new website for more information:

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