Have toothpicks gone by the wayside? #thedailyfloss won’t shed a tear.

While floss (!) and interdental brushes offer safer solutions for cleaning in between teeth, people have been picking their teeth for hundreds of years. Just ask Washington Post reporter Sarah Kaplan, who recently discussed evidence that Neanderthals used toothpicks for dentistry. Signs of toothpick use have been seen in Neanderthal skulls, according to James Wynbrandt in […]

Murder most foul. Can you guess the first dentist to offer ‘expert testimony’?#forensic-dentistry.

Two invaluable dental forensics equipment tools that we can’t live without Today we have wonderful dental inventions such as the NOMAD eXaminer™ and NOMAD Pro 2™, hand-held x-ray machines (shown, courtesy ForensicDentistryblogspot.com) that can be used in places where traditional x-ray machines are impractical. The NOMAD got its start in forensic dentistry, first being used […]

London calling. Specifically the British Dental Association building in Marylebone.

If your schedule doesn’t permit a pop by to 64 Wimpole Street in London’s Marylebone neighborhood this week  ( Tuesday and Thursdays from 1-2.p.m), then a Londonist.com virtual tour by  Will Noble of their dental archives will do nicely. Among other historical findings at the British Dental Association,  exhibits there offer insight as to: how a 1929 work of art entitled The Dentist […]

All graduates are created equal.

Method acting, a technique in which an actor aspires to complete emotional identification with a part, might not be something you’d expect to encounter during the workday at a dental distribution company. But not so in the MarComm Department at Benco Dental, where Database Publishing Production Specialist Jenn Ochman brings a unique skillset: she dedicates her time […]

Top 10 dental-themed destinations

Planning your holiday or spring vacation? If you enjoy themed junkets or have a hankering for dental history, these destinations should rank high on your must-see list: City of Bacolod, Philippines. Nicknamed “City of Smiles,” the capital of the province of Negros Occidental, is renowned for its friendliness and the MassKara Festival hosted annually in October (shown above), during which revelers in colorful smiling masks and vibrant […]