Stay in the loupe.

Accurate assessments are “paramount,” according to Dr. Howard Strassler in a recent issue of Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine. “Truth is, you can no longer deny the evidence that argues for the use of enhanced visualization. No one would practice without radiographs or an operatory light, after all. Dental and other medical literature certainly support its use, […]

Should Michael Bublé get a tattooed tooth?

I can see it now: a tiny tuxedo, maybe a microphone or even a holly wreath (after all, this Grammy-award winner corners the market on Christmas Special cachet.) The prerequisites are in play. 1. Missing tooth. Check. Michael Bublé accidentally knocked his out with a microphone onstage last week. 2. Signature smile. Check. The dimpled grin of the Canadian heart throb has earned swoons […]

Espertise Educational Programs: Same-Day Crowns

Incorporating a digital impression scanner and chairside mill in your office can be an affordable, revenue-generating option for your practice. Follow the workflow process of a single-unit, CAD/CAM produced, resin nano ceramic crown from an in-office mill – all done without a traditional impression.

How so you might ask? Register for the Espertise Educational Programs and learn under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Fox.

This live presentation will have clinicals and commentary about the True Definition Scanner and TS 150 system and how , in the words of Dr. Fox, “It has changed the way I do dentistry.”

Here are the details:

Date: January 27, 2014
Time: 5:00 p.m. PST/8:00 p.m. EST
1 CE Credit

Register for the seminar: