Oxyfresh Dental, Benco Dental announce strategic partnership

Oxyfresh, the leading provider of naturally safe and environmentally-friendly products for people and pets, this week announced their partnership with Benco Dental to expand their distribution in the United States.

Oxyfresh is known for modernizing the way dental patients approach at-home oral care.

Their unique, patented formulas are clinically-proven and free of alcohol, dyes and artificial flavors. Oxyfresh dental products stand alone and feature Oxygene®, a safe yet powerful ingredient that gently neutralizes the cellular debris and organic compounds that cause bad breath and contribute to an unhealthy smile.

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Colette Wintersteen, Product Manager at Benco Dental

“Benco is excited to partner with Oxyfresh and offer their patented, safe and effective formulas with Oxygene and zinc to our dental offices for their patients,” shared Colette Wintersteen, Product Manager at Benco Dental.

Over the past decade, Benco Dental has been the nation’s fastest growing dental distributor, now servicing more than 35,000 dentists and dental laboratories. It is also the largest privately-owned dental distribution company in the United States, offering a full array of supplies, equipment and services to dentists across the nation.

Order Oxyfresh products: Click here.

“We are incredibly excited with this new partnership. We are bringing two best-in-class companies together to uniquely solve oral health issues in innovative ways,” explained Mariano Tellarini, President of Oxyfresh said Wednesday.
“Today’s announcement with industry leader Benco Dental is continuing to fulfill our mission of delivering high quality dental products to professionals and consumers. This partnership will help us build our vast network of dental professionals and further their efforts with our innovative dental care line.”

For 35 years, Oxyfresh has established a reputation and loyal brand following in the dental industry. Expanding the availability of their products through key dental distributors is the company’s long term plan.

Pete Vas Dias, Vice President of Sales for Oxyfresh, added, “Benco Dental’s values and customer service align with our brand. Our long-standing dental offices can now experience the ease of ordering through their favorite dental distributor. That is very exciting.”

About Benco Dental

Benco Dental, headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is the largest privately-owned dental distributor in the United States, offering a full array of supplies, equipment and services to dentists across the nation. Founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, the company has remained family-owned and focused on its unique mission to “deliver success, smile after smile.”

About Oxyfresh

Oxyfresh’s mission is to create products that matter. They are passionate about ingredients and developing products that don’t need to cut corners. Products that help people and their pets live longer, healthier lives with a smile. Made in the USA, their broad portfolio of innovative products are alcohol-free, dye-free, gentle and effective and have been dentist-recommended for 35 years and counting.


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