Who better to generate support for America’s kids than America’s ToothFairy?

School-based sealant programs, oral care product distributions, dental services for homeless children, these and other projects will receive a needed boost.

Grants totalling $100,000 will support children across the U.S., courtesy of America’s ToothFairy fundraising efforts, according to DentistryToday.com 

“Funding for the grants was donated by sponsors of the Virtual ToothFairy Ball and Online Auction, an annual fundraiser, and was awarded in the names of the donating individuals or companies. The recipients will use the funds to improve oral health outcomes for children through school-based sealant programs, oral care product distributions, dental services for homeless children, and other projects.”

Among them, a Benco Family Foundation ToothFairy Grant of $5,000 will support the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, Birmingham, Alabama

For a complete list of this year’s recipients and sponsors, see the full story at : http://www.dentistrytoday.com/news/industrynews/item/1774-america-s-toothfairy-awards-100-000-in-grants: 


Were Neanderthals smooching humans? A tiny ‘time capsule’ says yes.

Researchers say a tiny “time capsule” aka the teeth of Neanderthals, offers more than a few surprises. Bacterium trapped in their ancient plaque still dwells inside human mouths today, which suggests they shared microbes – and spit – with humans, according to a new study.


The Post’s Sarah Kaplan caught up with Keith Dobney, a professor of human paleoecology at the University of Liverpool and a co-author of a new study on the dental enamel of four Neanderthals “who lived between 42,000 and 50,000 years ago; two in what is now Belgium, the other two in modern-day Spain.”

According to Kaplan’s report:

Teeth, Dobney said, are “this fantastic time capsule of biological information that traps not only direct evidence of the food that goes in your mouth, but these amazingly well preserved ecosystems that have evolved with us.”

The new study, led by University of Adelaide paleomicrobiologist Laura Weyrich and published Wednesday in the journal Nature suggests Neanderthals may have been ingesting natural substances to treat their pain.

Dobney describes: “a Spanish individual who was suffering from both a tooth abscess and an intestinal parasite when he died. His dental plaque contained the DNA of a tree that produces the painkiller salicyclic acid (the active ingredient in aspirin) and bits of the fungus Penicillium (which produces the antibiotic penicillin).”

Find out a few more tales told by their dental calculus in the full story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/03/08/neanderthal-microbes-reveal-surprises-about-what-they-ate-and-who-they-kissed/?utm_term=.19dd7f6d3fb5


How can dentists say no to patient discomfort and yes to visibility and safety?

By using a new nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation nasal mask designed for patient comfort and relaxation, and for clinical efficiency

Screenshot 2017-03-12 19.17.49AXESS™ Masks, released earlier this  month by Crosstex International, Inc. and its subsidiary, Accutron, Inc., presents a single-use, lightweight and low profile nasal mask that is contoured to form fit comfortably over the patient’s nose.

What clinicians and dental patients can expect:

  • Better visibility and easier access to patient’s mouth.
  • Visual assurance to the clinician as fogging appears in the translucent mask when patients breathe through their nose.
  • A nasal/facial seal that minimizes ambient nitrous oxide in the operatory and gas flow into the patient’s eyes.
  • Patient comfort all without the use of tape or uncomfortable cannula protruding into the patient’s nostril.

The accompanying low profile scavenging circuit easily retrofits to most scavenging circuits and can be steam-sterilized and reused, making it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

AXESS™ Masks are available in three sizes and two scents – mint and bubblegum. A clear, unscented version also is available for scent-sensitive patients. Neither the mask nor the scavenging circuit contains natural rubber or latex.

Get a closer look at: http://www.accutron-inc.com/product/axesstm-low-profile-nasal-mask/

For more information about AXESS™ Masks or for FREE mask samples, call 800-531-2221 or go to accutron-inc.com.

Are you a military veteran looking for a civilian career? Try Benco Dental.

RecruitMilitary names Benco Dental as a finalist for the Most Valuable Employers (MVE) designation.

RecruitMilitary, the national leader in helping employers connect with high-quality veteran talent, announced the finalists for the 2017 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military on March 9. The MVE recognition serves to help military-experienced job seekers identify the top employers to target for civilian careers. MVEs are selected annually based on those employers whose recruiting, training, and retention plans best serve military service members and veterans. The award marks its ninth edition in 2017.

gI_60172_2017-MR-MVE-Sponsor“One of the greatest challenges facing veterans today is the smooth transition from military service to the civilian workforce,” said Clyde Thomas, SFC (R) USA, a recruiter with presenting sponsor Vinnell Arabia.

“Military veterans are the fabric of Vinnell Arabia, dating back over 40 years. The members of the Vinnell Arabia veteran workforce have deeply established values and professionalism from their military service that are the hallmark of their outstanding performance.”

The MVE finalist companies are:

  •     Accenture
  •     Amgen
  •     Archer Daniels Midland Company
  •     Aviation Training Consulting, LLC (ATC)
  •     Bank of America
  •     Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc.
  •     Benco Dental
  •     Bluehawk, LLC
  •     Boeing Company, The
  •     Booking.com
  •     Booz Allen Hamilton
  •     CACI International Inc.
  •     Caliber Home Loans
  •     Capital One
  •     Capitol Guard & Patrol, Inc.
  •     Capstone Corporation
  •     CarMax, Inc.
  •     Carmeuse Lime & Stone
  •     Caterpillar Inc.
  •     Celadon Trucking Services, Inc.
  •     City of Cincinnati Police Department
  •     CN-Rail
  •     Comcast NBCUniversal
  •     Constellis
  •     CoreCivic
  •     Cotiviti
  •     DaVita HealthCare Partners
  •     Deloitte
  •     Duquesne Light Company
  •     Eaton
  •     Ecolab Inc.
  •     Exelon Corporation
  •     Farmers Insurance
  •     FDM Group
  •     Federal Acquisition Strategies, LLC
  •     First Command Financial Services, Inc.
  •     Fresenius Medical Care North America
  •     G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.
  •     GE
  •     GEO Group, Inc., The
  •     Greencastle Associates Consulting, LLP
  •     Halfaker and Associates, LLC
  •     HCA, Hospital Corporation of America
  •     Hilton
  •     Home Depot, The
  •     Humana, Inc.
  •     Hyundai Motor America
  •     JDog
  •     Kaiser Permanente
  •     KBRwyle
  •     Koch Industries, Inc.
  •     Leidos
  •     Level 3 Communications
  •     ManTech International Corporation
  •     Marsh & McLennan Companies
  •     Measure
  •     Navy Federal Credit Union
  •     New York Community Bancorp, Inc.
  •     Northwell Health
  •     Northwestern Mutual Los Angeles
  •     Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC
  •     Pearl Interactive Network, Inc.
  •     Phoenix Protective Corporation
  •     Procter & Gamble
  •     Puget Sound Energy
  •     Quality Distribution Inc.
  •     Quicken Loans
  •     Roehl Transport, Inc.
  •     Roush
  •     Ryder
  •     Sallyport
  •     Schneider
  •     Sears Holdings Corporation
  •     SEI Investments
  •     Southwest Airlines
  •     Sprung Services, Inc.
  •     State Street
  •     Summit Midstream Partners
  •     TMC Transportation
  •     Total Quality Logistics
  •     U.S. Bank
  •     United Rentals, Inc.
  •     Unites States Postal Service
  •     USA Truck, Inc.
  •     USAA
  •     Veterans United Home Loans
  •     Vinnell Arabia
  •     Walmart Transportation 7838
  •     Werner Enterprises
  •     Whelan Security
  •     Whitestone Group, Inc.
  •     Windstream Holdings, Inc
  •     Xcel Energy
  •     YRC Freight

“Hiring veterans just makes good business sense,” said Peter Gudmundsson, President of RecruitMilitary. “It is evident that companies across the country see the value that veteran talent brings to the table by this year’s list of MVEs. I congratulate each of the finalists on their veteran hiring strategies and for their selection.”

The 2017 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military presented by Vinnell Arabia was open to all U.S.-based companies. Winners will be selected from this pool of finalist companies and will be announced in May. In observance of Armed Forces Day, the annual list of MVEs will be released in the May/June issue of RecruitMilitary’s Search & Employ® magazine.

Prior to the 2017 application opening, the MVE recognition was produced by CivilianJobs.com. All previous winners can be found in the MVE Winner Archive section at http://RecruitMilitary.com/MVE.

Think #oralcancerblows? Then you’re ready for the Bubble Gum Challenge.

From April 1 to 30, the general public and the dental community can improve lives with a simple bubble.

The 2017 Bubble Gum Challenge @oralcancerblows features individuals and dental practices utilizing social media to post pictures and videos of themselves blowing bubbles for those who cannot. Created by Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. (OCC), a non-profit organization that is celebrating its fifth year of improving the lives of oral cancer patients and their families, the Challenge is a whimsical way to draw attention to a devastating disease with a 50 percent mortality rate.

OCC hopes that the Challenge will highlight the impacts of oral cancer and the fact that many survivors lose various functionalities, including the ability to chew gum or blow a bubble.



Oral cancer kills one American every hour and 60,000 individuals are diagnosed annually. Along with promoting oral cancer awareness, the Bubble Gum Challenge seeks to raise donations for patients and their families to ease the financial strain of treatments and help them focus on their fight against cancer.  All proceeds will be allocated to families struggling through diagnosis and treatment.

Want to help?

  • Dentists can support and promote at their practices. Supplies Screenshot 2017-03-09 14.18.39are limited to 1,000 boxes for dental practice use, so OCC suggests ordering now to be one of the top practices of 2017 participating.Event Box (shown) Registration: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/916577/register/

  • Individuals can donate directly: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/916577/donate/

  • Individuals can Text to Give:Text keyword Bubble to 50155 and follow prompts to complete donation with OCC partner QGiv.

Sponsors of the Second Annual Bubble Gum Challenge, including Benco Dental, Care Credit and Revenue Well aim to increase public awareness of oral cancer and help cancer patients through financial support.

Screenshot 2017-03-09 14.50.53.png“Oral cancer patients and their families face many trials throughout treatments that can make it difficult to focus on recovery,” said Linda Miles, CSP, who co-founded OCC with Robin Morrison in memory of two family members who lost their battles with oral cancer.

“Benco Dental, Care Credit and Revenue Well’s sponsorship of the Bubble Gum Challenge helps us accomplish our goal of enhancing the quality of life for oral cancer patients through awareness and support.”

Amber Young, Oral Cancer Survivor, and Linda Miles recently educated members of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) as to why it’s vital for dentists or as Miles describes them “physicians of the mouth,”can increase awareness in their practices/offices.

Take a few moments to hear Amber explain how a dentist changed her life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD4521j68_A&t=7s