#LucyHobbsProject honoree offers insight on restoration of trauma patients in Dentistry Today #womenindentistry

The present is as important as the future. Amanda Seay, DDS (shown above, with her family attending a Lucy Hobbs Project Celebration in Charleston, South Carolina) believes that when patients are overcoming facial trauma, a resolution of their immediate needs must be balanced with their emotional abilities to make permanent treatment decisions quickly. The recipient […]

Oral health ‘Lunch Box’ adapted with ASL, Braille #MakeADifferenceMonday

Children with vision and hearing loss can now participate in the Lessons in a Lunch Box program with confidence.  The Children’s Oral Health Institute in Owings Mills, Maryland announced yesterday that it will extend the Lessons in a Lunch Box program, an oral health literacy program, to students who are blind and deaf. The generosity of sponsors […]

Find out how one San Antonio orthodontist makes the season sparkle with out-of-the-box thinking

Cinderella’s fairy godmother may have turned a pumpkin into a glittering coach, but the team at Britton Orthodontics in San Antonio, Texas has it all over her. Their longstanding Pumpkin Decorating Contest culminates annually in October, but the inspiration behind it lasts all year. “Every year it’s amazing,” said Dr. Bloyce Britton, who organized the event […]

Think asparagus & broccoli are tough? Chew on this.

One dinosaur’s chisel-like teeth made short work of palm leaves. With teeth up to 2.5 inches long and 2 inches wide, a new species of dinosaur was recently identified in southern France. Get up-close and personal View a reconstruction of its portrait by Lukas Panzarin on ScienceNews.org: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/new-dinosaur-sported-curious-set-chompers According to paleontologist Pascal Godefroit, of the Royal […]