Fast, flexible and innovative.

What could be better than a root canal on Monday morning? A root canal using Roeko’s Surgitip-endo. Honestly. This endodontic aspirator tip, specially designed for multi-directional flexibility, removes rinsing solutions and moisture quickly and effectively. Not only does the Coltene product shorten the drying time considerably, but fewer paper points are required in the process. Its  innovative design of […]

Relief at last. A Crest® breakthrough for tooth sensitivity.

A revolutionary product, Sensi-Stop™ Strips, succeeds in delivering tooth sensitivity relief. The Crest® strips use a special ingredient, applied directly to sensitive areas for 10 minutes, to offer immediate relief and up to 1 month of protection.* How does it work? The thin, flexible strips target a specific area of the mouth that’s suffering from tooth sensitivity. Crest® […]

The little engine that could brush.

Comparing brush strokes to train wheels, generating a bubble factory, weaving a good story — all techniques parents can use to teach children to brush teeth properly, according to Colleen Seto at “Just like taking baths and eating veggies, brushing their teeth can be an activity that kids don’t always greet with enthusiasm. In fact, it can be met […]

Compliance on your to do list?

Compliance for OSHA & HIPAA can be overwhelming and unreasonably time-consuming. In 2013, Federal Mandates heightened requirements for all dental office employees to be trained in these (3) areas of compliance: Annual OSHA Employee Training / Certification New OSHA GHS (Global Harmonization System) Proof- of-Employee Training & Various Protocols due by December 1, 2013 New […]