Massachusetts hygienist: ‘You might just be the one with the solution’

In 2010, a year after Massachusetts’ then-Governor Deval Patrick initiated a public health dental hygienist (PHDH) category of dental professionals with Chapter 530 of the Acts of 2008, Cathy Grinham (shown) realized it could help fulfill her professional mission. “It is with underserved populations that I find my calling,” said the Assonet, Massachusetts dental professional, explaining […]

Dentistry’s Kleenex?

It took over 60 years to develop the first CBCT. Sixty years after that, we’re all still calling this breakthrough by its original name: Panorex. The technical term is “generic trademark,” but it really ought to be called “the marketer’s dream”: It’s when your brand name becomes synonymous with a product or service. Think Kleenex […]