Brotherly love knows no limits, especially when ‘Great’ness is in play.

A mechanical miracle worker in Arizona helps mobilize others in tribute to his brother.

Lance Greathouse, who also shares his expertise with dental customers as a Service Technician at Benco Dental, keeps life rolling for many through Wheelchair Labs, an operation based in Phoenix to enhance lives with the gift of electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Co-founded by Lance and his wife Janis, and operated as a program of Southwest Community Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit based organization, Wheelchair Labs, with the help of caring volunteers and community partners, refurbishes and repairs donated electric wheelchairs and scooters; in addition to designing and building all-terrain personal vehicles.

The why?

“I miss my brother,” said Lance referencing sibling Brent Greathouse, who after being being diagnosed with  a rare form of Parkinson’s disease in 2003, succumbed to his debilitating illness in 2004.

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See Lance Greathouse discuss his flame-throwing wheelchair creation on National Geographic’s Mad Scientists:

Through this unique undertaking (Lance’s innovations, inventions and wheelchair works have been featured on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, PBS Horizon, National Geographic’s Mad Scientists, Discovery Channel, History Channel’s Invention USA, Science Channel’s Underground Science, and more) Lance keeps the late Brent Greathouse present in the hearts of minds of many.

See Lance Greenhouse discuss his flame-throwing wheelchair creation on National Geographic’s Mad Scientists: See Lance Greathouse discuss his flame-throwing wheelchair creation on National Geographic’s Mad Scientists:

According to the Wheelchair Lab website:

“Seeing his brother lose his mobility brought home to Lance how important the wheelchair was to Brent’s life and how cost prohibitive a wheelchair was for many people. Lance went a step further and built his brother a custom edgy designed wheelchair which changed Brent’s life. Instead of seeing his brother as wheelchair-dependent person, they saw Brent and treated him differently talking about the chair instead of illness.”

The how?

Wheelchair Labs co-founder Lance Greathouse has been fascinated with all types of science and machinery for as long as he can remember. His father, who worked with the Arizona Highway Equipment department, transformed his garage into a test track for learning basic fabrication and electrical skills. Lance, his brother, and father worked on over 40 custom car projects together.

Find out more about Lance’s “Great” works in his interview with Phoenix Magazine:

Learn how you can support this cause by visiting:

If brushing makes your kids say ‘Bwaah!’ read on.


James Vincent’s take on “psychopathic cartoon rabbits” that converge on the Kolibree smart toothbrush game offers a thorough and humorous explanation at

“This is the news that smart toothbrush makers Kolibree have teamed up with Ubisoft to create a new game to encourage teeth brushing based on the Rabbids franchise. If you haven’t come across the Rabbids before, then all you need to know is that they’re conceptually similar to the Minions. They’re small, cute, and speak in a made up language that manages to be totally comprehensible without containing any actual words. Their catchphrase is BWAAAAH and they are reportedly known for their “fun-loving approach to life.”

If the toothbrushing enthusiasm generated by Rabbids is similar to the reaction from my toddler daughter to the latest Minion movie, I need to know more.

Here’s hoping for maniacal laughter (toddler style) and foaming at the mouth (toothpaste style).

Read the full review:



People in the dental industry go home sometimes, too.

Even though it might seem like you never leave the operatory, or the office, and a multitude of bright ideas focus on the workplace, it’s vital to bring progressive ideas home as well.

Lightify, for instance.

This free app installed on your smartphone or tablet allows you to control networked LED products such as bulbs, luminaires, flexible LED strips, and even outdoor landscaping lighting.

Friedman Electric's Go Green team visits associates at the home office of Benco Dental, the nation's largest privately owned dental distributor on June 10.

Friedman Electric’s Go Green team visits associates at the home office of Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor on June 10.

Amanda Fee, Energy Solutions Specialist, said that was one of the concepts that received the most interest at today’s outdoor open house of green product options for energy efficiency hosted by Benco Dental for associates at its home office in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

The nation’s largest privately owned dental distribution company invited the Go Green Team from Friedman Electric to visit CenterPoint East (in the GREEN parking lot, no less) to offer associates an opportunity to see, touch, and demo energy efficient products for use at home.

Fee and the “Go Green” group from Friedman Electric – which also began more than 80 years ago as a family-owned business — directed Benco associates to for details on Lightify.

Friedman Electric in 2006 joined the Sonepar USA family, which is made up of electrical supply distributors in the United States. Learn more about their with energy saving practices, cost analysis, rebates, and evaluation and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies such as Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and solar power at:


South Carolina dentist empowered by a sign of change


Amanda Seay, DDS, AAACD, a previous honoree of The Lucy Hobbs Project, recently shared her thoughts with Inside Dentistry.

Dr. Seay, who maintains a private practice in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, not only offered her personal backstory, but insight into the meaning she gained from receiving the award, which honors Exemplary Women in the Dental Community.

“Part of why this award is meaningful is because I can’t believe that someone believed in me and what I do—pursuing what I love and trying to be better at it,” she stated in her guest column.

“The Lucy Hobbs Project is a sign of change in this industry. A lot of women have great intentions when they come out of dental school and they want to be great at what they do. Then they have babies and their own practices, so they must learn to balance the two. The Lucy Hobbs Award is so great because it celebrates these women—they have families, they have careers, and their passionate about both, showing that it can be done and we can step into power and greatness.”

Learn more about what this alumna of New York University College of Dentistry keeps pushing to be better:

Register to attend The Lucy Hobbs Project 4th annual Celebration, where the 2016 awards will be presented:

As if there weren’t enough good reasons to brush…

Elmo’s celebrity mashup offers another one.

If you had no reason to spend your Sunday morning on a Sesame Street jam a few years back, but now have little ones learning about oral healthy, don’t waste another minute before checking out this Sesame Street video that was created as part of an oral health initiative Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me.

Elmo is joined by families and some of his celebrity friends including Bruno Mars, David Hyde Pierce, Nicole Kidman, Amy Ryan, Wendy Williams, Jay Sean, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber as he sings a song about the importance of brushing your teeth.

Another fun pick from the website is a game show hosted by character Guy Smiley: is not responsible if you’re still singing “Brush Brushy Brush” on Monday morning.