Soon to be 100 years halitosis-free.


No, they don’t simulate bad breath, but dental models created in Lancaster, Pennsylvania arrive at dental schools complete with tartar, gum disease, or ready for a root canal.

Selling over one billion teeth per year, Columbia Dentoform even offers feline and canine “patient simulators” for dental students.

Forty-one year employee Director of Sales Philip Briales (who tells his granddaughters he works for the tooth fairy!) recently offered a glimpse of the handcrafted nature of the business to

Cranking out chompers for just a few years – 2017 will mark their centennial – this company was decades ahead of the gender neutral concept.

“We didn’t want to put an gender in the manikin, so this could be anybody. The design of it is based on what an average human would look like…” Briales explained to

Go ahead and rekindle those dental school memories. Make it your Monday must-see:



Do you take your toothpaste for granted? Decide after a snippet of science.


Unless your cupboards are stocked with chalk, glycerin, xylitol, and peppermint oil, and you’ve got National Geographic host George Zaidan@georgezaidan on standby, you might want to forgo making toothpaste in your home chemistry lab (aka kitchen).

You may decide to give your morning mouth refresher three cheers — and an extra


Take a minute to show some love for your toothpaste!

squeeze — after watching creative chemist Zaidan re-create the bathroom basic using only natural ingredients.

For a National Geographic video series, Ingredients (New episodes premiere every Thursday on National Geographic’s YouTube channel!) the MIT-trained chemist and science educator attempts to assemble everyday household products like lipstick, shaving cream, and toothpaste.

Watch as Zaidan tackles the long list of intimidating chemical names, figures out what they all do, finds natural substitutes, and whips it all together — sans recipe — to create his own homemade toothpaste:




Does Cranberry® animation make you jump for joy?

Screenshot 2016-09-02 13.13.36


For 25 years, Cranberry®@cranberryusa has been a pioneering brand committed to designing products dental professionals can rely on for “strength in protection and superior comfort needed to make it through your day.”

A recent marketing campaign for their Moisture Lock® series of examination gloves demonstrates that same pioneering spirit. Lighthearted animation aims to engage, while incorporating research, a customer testimonial and product benefits.

Sure, Cranberry is touting their latest line of gloves created to prevent irritation such as dryness, itching and cracked skin. But the 0:1:30 second-explanation of a proprietary formulation of lanolin and vitamins and its soothing benefits to hands, also generates some smiles.


No surprise, considering they brought  Cranberry Fantastic Animos to life in 2012.

Learn more about the company’s nitrile powder-free gloves and the benefits they provide while enjoying Cranberry’s latest YouTube sensation:


Why Bob Dylan would kill at the Cheek Retractor Challenge.

For decades this legendary songwriter and musician has been slammed for his difficult-to-understand delivery. One day with the crew at the Benco Dental Cheek Retractor Challenge might make him feel like an exceptional enunciator.

Hosted by Matt Alles, Marketplace Product Manager for the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor, this dental gameshow features instruments by OrthoEssentials, and s-laden phrases such as “Hand me the scissors or scalpel, you fool!”

Matt, who when not marketing at Benco has been hosting live events as a DJ for over six years, shared insight for next round of contenders: “Honestly, those things make you salivate…a lot. I didn’t expect that!”

Contestant Ali Majikes (Benco Administrative Assistant) cited as the most difficult and laugh-track-worthy phrase: “Someone buy me a Braun toothbrush.”  Who knew Braun was so drool-worthy?

With hilarity in mind, Ali suggested a reprise of the Benny Hill theme ( a k a “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph) as musical accompaniment for future episodes. Could it nudge the Jeopardy “Think” music from its lead position among Greatest Game Show Theme Songs?

Does Alles aim to give ABC’s new Match Game’s Alec Baldwin a run for his money?
Will contestant Chad Carpenter (Benco Director of Technical Support) offer viewers at home the secret to superior pec flexing (Don’t miss the outtakes at 5:31!)?
Will contestant Jess Khalil (Benco Sales Analyst) share the magic she channeled to compete just one day post-root canal?
Will (Benco Video Production Coordinator) Eric Larsen win a Webby for editing?

Tune in for the next round of Cheek Retractor Challenge.

Now “Please pause and thank your dental hygienist.”





Brotherly love knows no limits, especially when ‘Great’ness is in play.

A mechanical miracle worker in Arizona helps mobilize others in tribute to his brother.

Lance Greathouse, who also shares his expertise with dental customers as a Service Technician at Benco Dental, keeps life rolling for many through Wheelchair Labs, an operation based in Phoenix to enhance lives with the gift of electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Co-founded by Lance and his wife Janis, and operated as a program of Southwest Community Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit based organization, Wheelchair Labs, with the help of caring volunteers and community partners, refurbishes and repairs donated electric wheelchairs and scooters; in addition to designing and building all-terrain personal vehicles.

The why?

“I miss my brother,” said Lance referencing sibling Brent Greathouse, who after being being diagnosed with  a rare form of Parkinson’s disease in 2003, succumbed to his debilitating illness in 2004.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.08.24 PM

See Lance Greathouse discuss his flame-throwing wheelchair creation on National Geographic’s Mad Scientists:

Through this unique undertaking (Lance’s innovations, inventions and wheelchair works have been featured on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, PBS Horizon, National Geographic’s Mad Scientists, Discovery Channel, History Channel’s Invention USA, Science Channel’s Underground Science, and more) Lance keeps the late Brent Greathouse present in the hearts of minds of many.

See Lance Greenhouse discuss his flame-throwing wheelchair creation on National Geographic’s Mad Scientists: See Lance Greathouse discuss his flame-throwing wheelchair creation on National Geographic’s Mad Scientists:

According to the Wheelchair Lab website:

“Seeing his brother lose his mobility brought home to Lance how important the wheelchair was to Brent’s life and how cost prohibitive a wheelchair was for many people. Lance went a step further and built his brother a custom edgy designed wheelchair which changed Brent’s life. Instead of seeing his brother as wheelchair-dependent person, they saw Brent and treated him differently talking about the chair instead of illness.”

The how?

Wheelchair Labs co-founder Lance Greathouse has been fascinated with all types of science and machinery for as long as he can remember. His father, who worked with the Arizona Highway Equipment department, transformed his garage into a test track for learning basic fabrication and electrical skills. Lance, his brother, and father worked on over 40 custom car projects together.

Find out more about Lance’s “Great” works in his interview with Phoenix Magazine:

Learn how you can support this cause by visiting: