Have toothpicks gone by the wayside? #thedailyfloss won’t shed a tear.

While floss (!) and interdental brushes offer safer solutions for cleaning in between teeth, people have been picking their teeth for hundreds of years. Just ask Washington Post reporter Sarah Kaplan, who recently discussed evidence that Neanderthals used toothpicks for dentistry. Signs of toothpick use have been seen in Neanderthal skulls, according to James Wynbrandt in […]

Looking for interior design solutions?

Two juried panels – one international and one based in the U.S. – say that Monica Wilder’s got them. A member of the CenterPoint Design Team at the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor, Benco Dental, and an Interior Architecture student at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Wilder (shown above, right) recently earned the second of two […]