Incisal Edge helps you celebrate the first spring weekend.

Say olá to spring with a caipirinha made of cachaça, rum’s well-pedigreed older cousin.

Incisal Edge  spirits columnist Lauren Mowery, offers a toast to simplicity in the spring edition of the dental lifestyle mag. Mowery, who has covered the world through the lens of drink for publications including Wine Enthusiast, Forbes and Saveur shares insight on cachaça:

“As winter fades, the tendrils of spring signify renewal. It’s a time for purging closets, cleansing minds and bodies — and brightening up cocktails, swapping heavier tipples for brisk ones. Traditionally, Americans mix margaritas for mojitos for the vernal transition. This year, though, take a page from the playbook of Brazil — a land that embodies verdant life — and try cachaça.

Distilled in Brazil from (by law) fresh sugarcane juice, cachaça, first developed in the 1500s, is rum’s older cousin. If you’re unfamiliar with the spirit by name, you’ve likely sampled it in Brazil’s national drink, the caipirinha. The beauty of that South American cocktail lies in its simplicity: Muddle lime with sugar, then shake with your favorite cachaça.”

Read four standouts she recommends:

How did sit-down dentistry get its start?

The Weber P-64 played a key role in enabling dentists at long last, to take a load off and get comfortable.

Ready for a dental history lesson from Larry Cohen?

Benco Dental Chairman and Chief Customer Advocate has over the past half-century collected hundreds of unique dental artifacts which reside at Benco’s home office in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

In the spring edition of Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine, this expert shares the secret weapon of the P-64 and explains how it enabled dentists to sit and deliver.

Find out the answer at:

Don’t let green teeth hinder your smile after St. Patrick’s Day.


Dentist: Avoid beverages tinted green.

Though it’s tempting to partake in all things emerald on March 17, Mark Burhenne,  DDS offers a reminder that green beer, green baked goods, green eggs, and even green ice cream can leave their mark on your smile.

His advice: Prevention.

Says Dr. Burhenne, “What most people don’t realize is that the added green food coloring can have you showing up at work the next day with green teeth.”

“Avoid eating green food, drinking green beer or other beverages of that color on St. Paddy’s Day. Food coloring is powerful and can quickly turn your smile a bit green before you know it.”

If you’re reading this on March 18, or you just couldn’t resist the green goodness, check out his tips for restoring your pearlies to white:


How much support did the first Every Smile Counts Day generate?


Over $133,000 was raised to help those who desperately need comprehensive, and oftentimes, life-saving dental treatment. With every dollar raised nearly $9 in care was generated, according to

On February 23—Every Smile Counts Day—more than 22 dental industry companies rallied together with dentists to raise money benefiting Dental Lifeline Network (DLN). Dental professionals purchased office supplies and dental equipment from participating companies who pledged to donate a portion of sales on this day to help save lives.

Millions of people throughout the United States with disabilities, or who are elderly or medically fragile don’t have the ability to pay for vital dental treatmentThrough Donated Dental Services (DDS), DLN’s flagship program, 15,000 dentists and 3,700 dental labs donate their time and talent and serve more than 16,000 people each year who desperately need life-changing and life-saving dental care.

“We are grateful for the commitment and generosity of this community,” said Fred Leviton, president Dental Lifeline Network. “Through this effort DLN will be able to change more lives of people with significant dental concerns.”

Participating dental manufacturing and distributor companies donate a percentage of their sales on this day to benefit Dental Lifeline Network’s programs that provide comprehensive dental treatment to underserved people. For a list of participating companies and to learn more, visit




Love your dentists? Celebrate them!


Who makes your teeth and gums top priority?  Your dentist, of course!

If you didn’t celebrate him or her on March 6, National Dentist Day, there’s no time like the present.

Even though dentists share a national day with Oreo cookies, it’s probably more thoughtful to celebrate your practitioner with a fresh veggie tray.  Better yet, FLOSS today and every day until your next visit to show you respect her advice.