Benco Dental offers dental offices Compass to navigate change, VarioSonic to navigate every oral condition

Nation’s largest privately-owned dental distributor introduces Herman Miller cabinetry system that features interchangeable components for flexibility; launches PRO-SYS® sonic toothbrush to GNYDM audience Navigating change. Innovating. Driving dentistry forward. The nation’s largest privately-owned dental distributor, with an 88-year record of delivering success to dental practices, introduces five insightful solutions from its vendor partners and branded […]

Prophy perfect? Meet the MINI.

Disposable? Check. Sterile? Check. MINI? Of course. A California company recently offered the dental community a big reason to celebrate — in a small package: Pac-Dent introduced the world’s only sterile disposable prophy angle with the smallest head. What should any dental professional who provides prophy expect from the Pac-Dent Sterile MINI 90™ and MINI Ergo™? […]

‘Baby Killer’ or Wonder Drug?

During the early 19th century, infant mortality rate in Britain was 25%. The rates in the U.S. were probably not much better. One of the “illnesses” that parents were warned about was something every child goes through – teething. The Dental Cosmos (and many other dental authorities) advocated lancing the child’s gums to relieve the […]

There’s more than one way to improve your dental practice. Find 10 in Texas.

While you’re there, Roy Spence will help you discover “The Power of Purpose in Business and Life.” Next month, on November 8 to 11, in Grapevine, Texas, Carestream Dental will present the 2018 Global Oral Health Summit, a collaborative learning experience. There, more than 700 oral health professionals from across all specialties and skill levels will […]

Dental innovator publishes 4th book

Dr. Rajiv Saini recently published his fourth book titled “Dental Plaque: A Biofilm” . The book is co-authored with Professor of Oral Biology from Indonesia, Regina TC. Tandelilin. “The book concisely focuses on organization process of dental plaque formation with the dynamics of microbiological complexes,” said Dr. Rajiv Saini, who in 2018 earned  a Silver Edison Award for Periogen. Dr. […]

Seven speakers at ‘Paradigm Changes in the Profession’ on October 6

On Saturday, October 6, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Gordon J. Christensen (shown above, right) will present Paradigm Changes in the Profession – 2018.  According to the website: “Paradigm Changes in the Profession changes each year, featuring new experts with Dr. Gordon Christensen as their moderator.  Participants will enjoy comprehensive information about the most pertinent dentistry advancements […]

To brush, or not to brush (in the shower)?Where one Texas dentist and the ADA stand on the great debate, according to WSJ.

Evidently, the concept of brushing teeth daily in the shower is polarizing. “Gross.” “Sickening.” “Saves time.”  “Not weird whatsoever.” Moms, a millennial, and even an Olympian speak out on the topic in a recent Wall Street Journal feature by Patrick Thomas. According to one Texas dental interviewed: 13 million Americans who brush in the shower are […]

Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s out entirely? #IncisalEdge takes its annual look at dentistry’s 32 Most Influential

Incisal Edge dental lifestyle mag takes a second annual look at our industry’s primary forces to be reckoned with — the doctors, executives, lobbyists, educators, and Miss Universes doing the most to shape dentistry today. And tomorrow. In dentistry, a multibillion-dollar health-care industry that’s home to some of the nation’s most innovative and interesting people, […]