Three reasons to clear 60 minutes on your Wednesday calendar.

  1. You know you’ve always wanted a free opportunity to gain an understanding of the scientific criteria for early loading, crestal bone preservation with implant thread design and prosthetic simplicity (10 diameter implants using one prosthetic connection).

    Dr. Isaac Tawil

    Dr. Isaac Tawil

  2. Dr. Isaac Tawil, current President of AIE Advanced Implant Educators, promises to deliver a clear message that will allow dentists to treat more patients in record time. His topic: an in-depth presentation on the clinical benefits of AnyRidge Implant System and the simplicity of the system vs. competitive implants.
  3.  In one hour (45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A, but who’s counting), you can earn one interactive CEU compliments of ids (integrated dental systems), a privately held company that designs, manufactures and distributes dental implants, and Viva Learning.

Want to know more?

Who: ids will be hosting their second live online CE Webinar with Viva Learning

What: AnyRidge Implant System free live webinar, Innovative Dental Implant Design for Immediate Loading and Greater Initial Stability, featuring Isaac Tawil, DDS, MS

When: Wednesday, September 28 at 8:15 P.M. (EST)

Where: A location convenient 

How: Register today by visiting 

How does Tooth Fairy Design nurture your sentimental side? The business of baby teeth.


Spoiler alert: Details about my childhood tooth fairy will be revealed.

In my 20s, while helping prepare for a family holiday dinner, while securing a formal tablecloth from my mom’s bureau drawer, I stumbled across a collection of what appeared to be tiny fragments of discolored teeth.

Years prior I had solidified that a tooth fairy – or at least my tooth fairy – shared the same last name as me and owned my childhood home. What I didn’t realize was that after depositing currency under my pillow, my mom Gloria had saved a good portion of the baby teeth she retrieved.


Though not my baby teeth, a similar collection.

Finding her secret stash of tiny teeth prompted a sentimental moment, but it was easy to see why she hadn’t made a charm bracelet out of the rotted little corpses.

When a colleague at Benco Dental emailed me a blog tip about Tooth Fairy Designs®, a company that produces jewelry designed to create unique settings for specially processed baby teeth, it seemed worth sharing.

Tooth Fairy Design website explains: “In the United States and elsewhere, it is common for parents to save, at least for a while, the exfoliated baby teeth of their children as a keepsake of their childhood and development. The typical storage means is a small envelope, or decorative box. There are several disadvantages associated with dry storage of the exfoliated baby teeth… the small teeth will continue to dry out, and become more fragile and brittle with time… and of course, their natural geometry combined with bloodstains lacks the display appeal of photographs, gifts, letters, and other memorabilia.”

The problem solving Tooth Fairies patented processing steps to create jewelry and home accessory items from a child’s baby teeth.

“Once disinfected, cleaned and solidified, the tiny teeth show their amazing luster like little pearls.”


The Tooth Fairy’s Baby Tooth Bank™

If you’re like my mom and simply want to save the little chicklets for posterity, the possibilities are endless. Options range from The Toothfairy’s Baby Tooth Bank™  ($22.79,, which arrives in a silver gift box and provides a “special place to store baby teeth and tooth fairy money, plus record memorable dates.”

Or if a piece of wearable art that allows you to display these little gems-to-be appeals to you, Tooth Fairy Designs® offers options of earrings, pendants, charms and more, which range in price from $240 -$650+


“Boy Charm,” from Tooth Fairy Designs®, $240, plus tax.

Learn more at:



It’s not too late to share your talents in Africa this December. Find out how.


The dentist to population ratio in Ethiopia, Africa is 1 : 300,000.
Research findings from various countries in West Africa indicate that over 94% of the population above 40 years of age suffer from periodontal disease in various degrees of severity.

When founding A Reason to Smile (ARTS) in 2014, Dr. Gunther Heyder set a goal of reaching at least one region of the continent every year to alleviate the suffering caused by dental disease.

In just two years, the grassroots organization, relying primarily on individual donations and committed volunteers, has completed three successful trips to Africa in addition to partnering with a nonprofit clinic in Nicaragua.

arts-adWe have an amazing trip coming up in December to Uganda, a trip that we hope to treat and teach hundreds if not thousands of locals,” said Dr. Heyder, (shown on a recent school visit demonstrating proper oral hygiene techniques to the local youth).

Throughout his studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry, Dr. Heyder took advantage of multiple opportunities to study and volunteer in Africa. His experiences in Ghana, Malawi, and Togo inspired him to establish ARTS to work toward improving the dental health of communities across the African continent.

Today, the practicing dentist in the Outer Banks, North Carolina area guides the nonprofit organization using a three-pronged approach of dental care, education, and supplies. The aim: to empower people in these communities to attain and maintain a higher level of dental health and prevent the spread of dental disease.

On each trip, Dr. Heyder and the team will provide people in multiple communities with clinical services ranging from cleanings to extractions. Patients will also receive information about the importance and techniques of proper oral hygiene and infection control, as well as desperately needed products such as toothbrushes.

While the mission of ARTS is focused on dental care, you do not need to be a dental professional to help the cause or even volunteer on an ARTS trip.

“ARTS is actively looking for dentists for our upcoming trip to Uganda, December 8-18, 2016, and always welcome applications from dental staff as well as non-dental professionals,” said Dr. Heyder.

“During our trip, we will have six full days of dentistry, seeing a variety of ages but mostly adults. Treatment will mostly consist of extractions, helping to rid these people of emergent pain and infection; however, we would love to have a hygienist present to provide cleanings and will definitely have educators to provide dental hygiene instructions to the local students. At this time, we are especially looking for dentists to volunteer,” he added.

Get involved today by donating, volunteering, contacting A Reason To Smile (ARTS), and learning more about the state of dental health in Africa:



How can your #toothies and tooth art bring mobile dentistry to children in Michigan?


There was a toothquake, that caused a toothfall and now there is a cascade of Michigan-made molars tumbling from the second story window of Preservation Dental in downtown Northville – 3,333 to be exact. The eye-catching art installation (shown) has drawn supporters from all over all over the world.

The exhibit, the brainchild of Dr. William Demray, founder of Preservation Dental aims to inspire others to join in the “Acci-DENTAL Masterpiece” contest. When you donate $20 to enter, a portion of any donation will benefit the University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) Dental School Community Outreach Program. Their Titans for Teeth Mobile Clinic reaches out to children who cannot get to the dentist.

How can you participate?

  1. Donate $20 to get your own Michigan-made molar. Click here to participate:
    Then create your Acci-DENTAL Masterpiece and enter it in the juried art competition that will take place February 10-12, 2017 – National Children’s Dental Health Month – in Northville, MI. (You do not need to be in or from Michigan to enter.)
    Prizes: The grand prize for the “Acci-DENTAL Masterpiece” winning tooth-artist 12


    Be like this young artist and create an “Acci-DENTAL Masterpiece.”

    years of age-and-under is $371.00. The prize for the winning tooth-artist 13 years of age or older is $1,111.00.

2. Not artistic? You can support the effort to bring the mobile dental unit to a school in need, by simply making a donation – and still get your own tooth. Join the troupe of traveling teeth.  Supporters are invited to take the tooth around their hometown – snap a few #toothies at a landmark (aka selfies) and post/tweet them on Instagram or


Snap a “toothie” (aka selfie) at a landmark and post/Tweet it on Instagram or Twitter @toothfall. 

Twitter @toothfall – then pass it on to someone else you think will “play along”.

Take it one step further – sign your tooth, add your location, the date and return it to Preservation Dental for their exhibit in February.  They will return your tooth to you at the end of February, as long as you provide accurate contact information.

Dr. Demray recognizes he has been privileged to serve the needs of his patients in the community of Northville – now he hopes to pay it forward by raising money for children everywhere who do not have regular access to preventative dental care.

The dental community has reached out, making donations and distributing teeth to patients, adopting art classes in neighborhood schools, mailing them to family and friends across the country and beyond.

As for the  molar masterpiece at Preservation Dental, Dr. Demray frequently is asked “How did the teeth get here?” His response: “The story begins with the Tooth Fairy building a new warehouse at an undisclosed location in Northville.” For complete details visit

Read more about the project:



How can you get GLO-ing and Sinsational reviews?

Spend an evening giving back.
At a recent #TheLucyHobbsProject give-back event hosted by Jennifer Schau DDS (shown in dental chair) in Saginaw, Michigan,  more than 20 attendees not only supported the Dress for Success Foundation with 50 items of professional women’s clothing, but also reviewed tooth whitening options for patients with tooth sensitivity.
The #GloScience and #SinsationalSmiles teams demonstrated in-office and take-home offerings and whitened Dr. Schau’s normally sensitive teeth, as well as other attendees’ teeth, with positive results: no sensitivity, and brighter, whiter smiles!

GLO Science and Sinsational Smiles supported the event, and Dentsply, Premier and Benco Brands provided materials for demonstrations.

Leslie Ytkin and Jennifer Vasquez from Glo offered complete demos of both in-office and take-home systems, including re-training Friendly Benco Rep Jennifer Ireland CDA, RDA, BS (shown whitening the teeth of her patient, Dr. Schau) fully on their system. 

Lisa Campagna from Sinsational Smiles demonstrated her system by whitening the teeth of three attendees with great results and no sensitivity.

“We whitened Dr. Schau’s teeth. She was already light (B1) but the goal was to demonstrate the lack of sensitivity as she’s normally super sensitive. She had none, lightened a couple of shades, and brightened her smile immensely,” said Ireland, who organized the event with Benco Dental’s Threasa Liddell and The Lucy Hobbs Project’s Kathleen Bird.