Can you measure ‘influence’? #IncisalEdge dental lifestyle mag says yes.



Measuring “influence” is a little like measuring love, or the water view from an apartment terrace. It’s a formula that includes a few numbers, some guesswork and a whole lot of you-know-it-when-you-see it.

In dentistry, a multibillion-dollar health-care industry that’s home to some of the nation’s most innovative and interesting people, no ranking of “influence” existed – until now. Months ago, Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine embarked upon the quest: to shine a light on 32 such “voices” – one for every tooth, of course.

“We ultimately nailed down a few key metrics. We counted dollars – company size, or size of budget controlled – as most important. Next we looked at the weight an organization can throw around. Finally, we tried to calculate ‘size of voice’: how much influence an individual has through his or her speaking, writing or research activities,” Incisal Edge Founder Chuck Cohen said.

“In the end, we were (and remain) proud of how wide ranging this list is. Only 14 of these 32 are actually dentists, a reflection of just how diverse, broad-based and, yes, influential our industry has become.”

screenshot-2016-12-02-10-48-14The 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry for 2017, ranked by Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine, include:

  1. Jeffrey Slovin, CEO, DentsplySirona,
  2. Rick Workman, DMD, CEO and President, Heartland Dental,
  3. Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, Founder,, Dentaltown Magazine,
  4. Stanley Bergman, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Henry Schein,
  5. Martha Somerman, DDS, PH.D., Director, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research,
  6. Steve Bishop, Group President, Procter & Gamble Global Health Care, Including Oral Care,
  7. Ben Carson, M.D., Health-care Adviser to President-elect Trump,
  8. Marco Gadola, CEO, Straumann,
  9. Kathleen O’Loughlin, DMD, MPH, Executive Director, American Dental Association,
  10. Michael Graham, Senior Vice President, American Dental Association’s Division of Government and Public Affairs,
  11. Gordon Christensen, DDS, MHD, PH.D., Founder, Practical Clinical Courses,
  12. Amir Aghdaei, Group Executive and Vice President, KaVo Kerr Group,
  13. Steve Thorne, MHA, Founder and CEO, Pacific Dental Services,
  14. “Dr. Doe,” Plaintiffs,
  15. Michael Cohen, DDS, Founder, Seattle Study Club,
  16. Representative Mike Simpson, DMD, U.S. Congressman, Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District,
  17. James Glidewell, CDT, President and CEO, Glidewell Laboratories,
  18. James Ingebrand, MBA, President and General Manager, 3M ESPE Dental Division,
  19. Kevin Jackson, Senior Vice President, Underwriting and Actuarial, Delta Dental of California,
  20. John Kois, DMD, MSD, Founder and Director, The Kois Center
  21. Don Moody, Partner, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis,
  22. Linda Niessen, DMD, MPH, MPP, Dean, Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine,
  23. Michael Helgeson, DDS, CEO, Apple Tree Dental,
  24. Gary Price, President and CEO, Dental Trade Alliance,
  25. Susannah Schaefer, CEO and Executive Vice Chair, Smile Train,
  26. Jack Dillenberg, DDS, MPH, Dean, Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health,
  27. Ed Snyder, Managing Director, Northcoast Research,
  28. Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress, Oral Cancer Foundation Activist,
  29. Roger Levin, DDS, Founder and CEO, The Levin Group,
  30. Ann Battrell, MSDH, CEO, American Dental Hygienists Association,
  31. Major General Dr. Roosevelt Allen, DDS, Chief of Dental Corps, United States Air Force, and
  32. Peter DuBois, Executive Director, California Dental Association.

Meet these dental demigods in Incisal Edge magazine at: Incisal Edge, Winter 2017.

Published by Benco Dental, Incisal Edge celebrates dentists’ achievements both inside the operatory and during their hard-earned downtime. For additional information regarding the magazine, visit:

Planning your next vacation? How about one of these dental hot spots.


An oasis of calm in Manhattan. A day by the ocean in Dana Point, California. A walk through history in Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania. A sun-warmed glimpse of Pineapple Grove in Delray Beach, Florida.

Mid-winter vacation escapes? Only for those who consider a dental appointment a respite from reality — or those patients who visit the award-winning dental practices of the 2017 Incisal Edge Design Competition as sponsored by Herman Miller.

Pablo Picasso once described the process of making art as “washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”  Dr. Carlos J. Huerta (shown), as much as an artist with dentistry as Picasso was with paint or clay, uses artwork to “elevate the overall patient experience and ease anxiety,” as he puts it. 

The 1,239 –square-foot Manhattan practice, The Dental Boutique, certainly delivers.  Bottom line: In the heart of bustling New York City, Dr. Huerta’s office is an oasis of calm.

“Patients enjoy the same elements we enjoy,” Dr. Huerta says of himself and his staff: the relaxation, the comfort and the art. The 39-year-old practitioner, who recently earned national recognition for outstanding dental practice design, is among dental and architectural professionals featured in the Incisal Edge winter edition as winners of the magazine’s fourth annual design competition, sponsored by Herman Miller.

Annually, Incisal Edge, the leading lifestyle magazine for dental professionals, offers an opportunity for national recognition in outstanding practice design. The magazine’s team canvasses doctors, architects, designers, and students for nominations across four categories, then turns it all over to the blue-ribbon panel of judges. This year’s competition ran from July 25 through September 9.


Dr. Daniel Boehne, Dana Point Endodontics New Construction Award

Award-winning dental practices for 2017 include:


  • New Construction Practice (Tie) – The Dental Boutique, New York, and Dr. Carlos J. Huerta
  • New Construction Practice (Tie) – Dana Point Endodontics, Dana Point, California, and Dr. Daniel Boehne
  • Repurposed Practice – Green Valley Dental, Sinking Spring,

    Drs. A.J. Giesa and Lisa M. Ciabattoni, Green Valley Dental, Repurposed Practice Award

    Pennsylvania, and Drs. A.J. Giesa and Lisa M. Ciabattoni

  • Specialty Practice – Young Dentistry, Delray Beach, Florida, and Dr. Marcie Young
  • Design of the Future – Los Rocas Dentistry, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and Mandy Welman, Monica Wilder and Josh Diehl

 Design of the Future category winners received a $3,000 purse. Four existing dental practices


Dr. Marcie Young, Young Dentistry, Specialty Practice Award

received an Aeron Chair valued at $3,000 provided by Herman Miller, a professional photo session for their practice and a plaque; all winners are profiled in the Incisal Edge winter issue.


To be inspired both aesthetically and dentally, view the winning practices in Incisal Edge magazine at: Incisal Edge, Winter 2017.  Published by Benco Dental, Incisal Edge celebrates dentists’ achievements both inside the operatory and during their hard-earned downtime. For additional information regarding the magazine, visit:

The competition’s juried panel from the dental and architectural worlds included: Tristan Hamilton, DDS, M. ARCH.; Joyce Bassett, DDS, FAACD, FAGD, Phyllis Marshall-Rice, LEED AP, EDAC, and David Bishop, DDS. View their insightful commentary regarding this year’s entries, and gain motivation from previous year’s winners at:


Monica Wilder, Mandy Welman, Josh Diehl of CenterPoint Design, Benco Dental created Los Rocas Dentistry, which earned a win in the contest’s Design of the Future category.

Don’t you want dental practice design to be easy?


Yes? Dentistry’s leading designers read your mind.

So they created the CenterPoint Experience, where in two days you can earn 9 CE credits, while you increase your business, understand your financial path and enhance office productivity.

Six opportunities await in 2017 (see below), to gain the knowledge and confidence to create a work space that is both efficient and beautiful.


Tristan Hamilton DDS, M. Arch.

During five of the events taking place across the country, Tristan Hamilton DDS, M. Arch. as keynote speaker will explain Why Four Walls Can Make or Break Your Dental Practice.

For one seminar, Dr. David J. Ahearn, founder of Design/Ergonomics, the nation’s largest independent dental office design firm, will discuss A Dozen Projects That Will Make Your Office A Fun, Easy and


Dr. David J. Ahearn 

Productive Place To Work.  Dr. Ahearn shows you how to reduce clutter, decrease inventory, improve on-time performance, speed room turnaround, simplify infection control, and increase office profitability.

At each two-day course, Charles Loretto, of Cain Watters & Associates, LLC will put all the financial pieces together. Learn when


Charles Loretto

to depreciate the equipment and building of the new office, address when to pay down debt and when to prepare for retirement and set personal and business financial goals.

Interested? Mark you calendar and register today. For more information on the events listed below, contact Leah Fuller, 570-602-6887 or email

CenterPoint Dallas, Dallas, TX
FEBRUARY 9 & 10, 2017
JULY 20 & 21, 2017*
OCTOBER 26 & 27, 2017

CenterPoint West, Costa Mesa, CA
MARCH 30 & 31, 2017
AUGUST 17 & 18, 2017

CenterPoint East, Pittston, PA
MAY 11 & 12, 2017**

Is dentistry shaping the future workforce?



If you answered ‘yes’, you would be correct on many levels, but most recently regarding YES (Your Employability Skills) students in northeast Pennsylvania.

The nation’s largest privately-owned dental distributor, Benco Dental, recently hosted an inaugural YES (Your Employability Skills) tour at its home office in Pittston. YES students from Mahanoy Area High School toured the Benco facility in order to learn more about careers available within the company.

“The students were impressed with the scale of your operations — the variety of careers that are available at Benco Dental,” said Matt Shuey, Communications and Program Manager for the Pottsville, Pa.- based Northeast PA Manufacturers and Employers Council, Inc.

When they walk into a facility like yours and see sales, marketing, customer support, IT, accounting, alongside the traditional positions you would expect to find at a distribution center, it really opens up their eyes to all careers in the industry.”

The YES Northeast Certificate Program, which is administered to 18 school districts by the Northeast PA Manufacturers & Employers Council, is a 120-hour, 1-credit, year-round elective course that addresses the shortfall of basic skills that employers say are lacking in many job applicants.


YES (Your Employability Skills) students learn about the Benco Dental Operations Department during a presentation from Valerie Steinbrenner.

The course addresses 38 modules in all, including communication, team building, interview/resume/cover letter writing, job applications, personal finance, conflict resolution, time management, and career exploration. The curriculum was developed based upon today’s business and industry needs.

For more information on the YES Program, or other Council offerings, call their office at 570-622-0940 or visit their website at

Within the past 86 years, Benco Dental has grown from a single downtown location to a national network of more than 65 regional locations, five distribution centers, and three design showrooms.  Named one of the top 20 Great Places to Work® in Health Care in 2016, and Pennsylvania’s Best Places to Work® for 12 of the past 14 years, Benco is proud to feature a highly skilled team of more than 400 professionally trained sales representatives and over 300 factory-trained service technicians.

For more information about a career at Benco Dental, visit or call 1.800.GO.BENCO



Are dentists doing enough to help stem the tide of fatal opioid overdoses?


Dentists have long been at the forefront of the discussion.

In its summer 2014 issue, Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine published “Bitter Pills,” an examination of the burgeoning epidemic of dentists’ over-prescription of opioids such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. In the more than two years since, public awareness of the problem has exploded. In the magazine’s fall 2016 edition, writer Anna Merlan revisits her earlier story and takes stock of the current situation for patients and doctors alike.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) notes that in 2014, for the first time, drug overdoses were the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, with an estimated 47,055 people succumbing to lethal overdoses — more than 125 a day on average.

According to Merlan:

“The dental industry at large takes seriously its role in preventing opioid abuse and dependence, and was doing so even before today’s alarm bells began to sound: In 2011, the American Dental Association began publishing position papers on dentists’ role in reducing harm from opioids and offering free classes on prescribing them. In May 2015, it debuted a new publication, The Practical Guide to Substance Use Disorders and Safe Prescribing.”

Learn about the pledge taken by more than 60 medical schools, and hear from Dr. Stephen Matthews, who sits on the board of the Missouri Dental Well Being Foundation:

Review the CDC  newest clinical practice guide­lines that lay out how best to prescribe opioids for patients 18 and older: 

To read Merlan’s original piece, go to: