Are you changing the world through dentistry?


Join Dr. Casey Culberson (Molar Media Mount), Dr. Alene D’Alesio (Lily™ Method Pacifier Weaning System), Dr. Dave Ronto (Multi-Axis Sprial Suction) and more than 17 others who have earned a place in history for their contributions to dental innovation.

“Winning an Edison Award for my invention the Molar Media Mount was an incredible experience. From the New York City black-tie gala to the symposium beforehand, the experience was life changing. Having the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the greatest innovators of our time was both inspiring and humbling!” said Casey Culberson, DDS.

screenshot-2016-10-25-11-54-49Edison Awards™ will be presented in 15 categories next spring, including Dental/Medical, which will be featured in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine.

View a listing of previous year’s winners in the Dental/Medical categories below and read more about them in the 2015 and 2106 Spring issues of Incisal Edge:

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2016 Award Recipients in Dental Categories include:



  • Solea® // by Convergent Dental


  •  Multi-Axis Sprial Suction // by Ghost Mfg


  • OralB PRO 5000 with Bluetooth // by Procter & Gamble


  • Dr. Kim’S Shadowless Headlamp // BY

2015 Award Recipients in Dental Categories include:

CATEGORY: Dental & ENT Surgical Tools

  •     Gold, Ti-Max Z45L by NSK
  •     Silver, DIEGO® ELITE™ Multidebrider® by Olympus Corporation of the Americas
  •     Bronze,    elements™free obturation system by Kerr Endodontics

CATEGORY: Dental Patient Care

  •     Gold, Lily™ Method Pacifier Weaning System by Inventionstring, LLC
  •     Silver, PRO-SYS® by Benco Dental Supply Company
  •     Bronze, Molar Media Mount by Molar Media Mount, LLC

CATEGORY:  Dental Scanners & 3D Printers

  •     Gold, 3DS Healthcare by 3D Systems
  •     Silver, 3M™ True Definition Scanner by 3M ESPE Dental
  •     Bronze, CS 3500 by Carestream Dental

CATEGORY: X-Ray & Laser Tools

  •     Gold, Solea by Convergent Dental
  •     Silver, NOMAD™ Pro 2 Handheld X-ray System by Aribex, Inc.
  •     Bronze, Green CT® by Vatech

CATEGORY: Diagnostic

  •     Gold, Opal Clinical Genome Informatics, Interpretation & Reporting System by Omicia, Inc.
  •     Silver, NOMAD™ MD Handheld X-ray System by Aribex, Inc.
  •     Bronze, Simoa by Quanterix




Chicago dental practice thankful for ‘heroes’, ‘Good Samaritan’


Events that occurred Thursday at Skyline Smiles of West Loop, in Chicago, prompted the dental practice today to share a message of support for victims of domestic violence, encouraging them to “seek immediate help.”

According to a story Thursday for by reporter Stephanie Lulay @slulay2, Movers Hid Woman In Truck As Armed Ex Searched For Her At Dental Office:

“A group of movers may have saved a woman’s life Thursday by helping her hide in their truck while her armed ex looked for her at the West Loop dental office where she worked.

The incident happened just before 11 a.m. at Skyline Smiles, 1017 W. Madison St., according to a law enforcement source and witnesses. A man entered the location looking for his ex-girlfriend before fatally shooting himself outside, said Officer Laura Amezaga, a Chicago Police Department spokeswoman.

The man has been identified as Clint Engle, 40, of suburban Plainfield, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. Engle may have stolen a firearm from a Plainfield home earlier Thursday, suburban police said.”

Thursday, via a social media post on the practice’s Facebook page, Skyline Smiles’ Dr. Ned, Deepak Neduvelil DDS, stated,  “I want to thank everyone for their concern and support, everyone at Skyline Smiles is safe and sound. We would like to thank the Chicago police department for the excellent job of keeping us all safe. Also I want to recognize the three men whose heroics saved a life.”

Any news headline that includes the phrases “armed ex” and “dental office” sends shockwaves through the dental community and the world at large. In this instance, the dental practice turns the focus onto the “heroes who came forward,” and the dangers of domestic violence.

In a more recent message (shown below), the brave Skyline Smiles team, scheduled to be treating patients again today, describes their staff “brought closer together, not just as a work family, but as a real family.”



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Where does award-winning practice design begin? For Dr. Holly Ellis: “smiling patients”.


Each day when Dr. Holly Ellis enters her newly constructed dental practice on Big Bend Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri, she is greeted by her most cherished aspect of the design: smiling patients.

“My favorite design feature is the 24-by-36-inch black and white framed photos of patients (shown above) that hang in our hallways. They each have a photo light directed at them. They highlight why we do what we do, their smiles say it all,” says the 36-year-old Kirkwood resident.


Home stretch. In June, 2015, Dr. Ellis showed excitement as the new construction project neared completion.

Recently, she learned Ellis Dental is being honored as one of the Outstanding New Dental Practices by Wells Fargo Practice Finance, Dental Economics, ADA Business Resources and the American Dental Association in their Dental Office Design Competition.


“I love my new office,” said Dr. Ellis, recipient of St. Louis Best Dentist Award annually since 2012.

One year ago in September, a ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the date that the  Ellis Dental team and its 1,900 patients relocated to more than 3,200 square feet of office space. 

“I was fortunate that I worked with a very detailed architect, contractor, and equipment specialist,” said Dr. Ellis, who advises other doctors constructing a practice to surround themselves with people they trust. She credited her team with finishing on time with zero change orders.

“We spent a good 18 months planning (from selecting a good agent, architect, and contractor). After taking a course from Mike Unthank, I had a clear vision for my project. We actually started with him before selecting our space. We then knew what to look for.  I was influenced by my dental consultants (Mosaic Management Group) as well as many of the offices I toured when visiting Unthank Design Group in Nebraska)….

Benco Dental was a huge support during the entire process. My Territory Rep Randi Miller kept in touch throughout the entire project and made sure to get me in touch with the proper people. Equipment Specialist Chad Wind was absolutely awesome! He took my husband (Justin) and I to one of Benco’s Centerpoint Design Showrooms. This process was invaluable. This allowed me to try out every patient chair and piece of equipment prior to making my selections. He spent this time devoted to us and assisting us with any questions.”


Eighteen months of planning with trusted advisors resulted in an on-time finish and results that recently garnered Ellis Dental a prestigious design award.

Innovative solutions on the design front, as well as the seamless incorporation of technology provided unexpected advantages.

 “The back business area has proven to be one of the best design solutions. It has allowed team members the space, organization, and privacy for calls and emails regarding treatment, referrals, ordering and follow-up,” said Dr. Ellis.

“Our top technology feature would have to be the use of the Nomad. It saves so much space and time with its compact size, portability, and ease of use.” 

Advance preparation proved vital to a successful new construction process, and at the end of the day, it factors hugely into the practice’s continued success.

“In our previous office we did not have a staff room,” said Dr. Ellis.  “We now have a staff room space where we can gather around a table and large screen for our huddles and team meetings. This allows us to properly prepare for our day in a more organized manner.” 

DESIGN CREDITS: Photographer: Jim Monsour, Justin Ellis, Holly Ellis. Interior Design: Unthank Design Group. Contractor: Steffle and Sons. Architect: Unthank Design Group. Dental Designer: Unthank Design Group and Benco Dental. Equipment Specialist: Chad Wind, Benco Dental. Friendly Benco Rep: Randi Miller



To Dracula: Nothing for you here. To everyone with garlic breath: Keep reading, please.


We’re all about healthy habits at, especially as they relate to tooth brushing and flossing. But a little natural help to eliminate halitosis never hurts.

According to, eating some raw foods may help reduce garlic breath. In a study completed at Ohio State University whose results were published in the September issue of the Journal of Food Science:

“Researchers gave participants three grams of softneck garlic cloves to chew for 25 seconds, and then water (control), raw, juiced or heated apple, raw or heated lettuce, raw or juiced mint leaves, or green tea were consumed immediately.”

Which foods took a bite out of garlic breath? How did green tea fare? Read the full story for the science behind the results:

The real question: If Dracula – and vampires- can’t smell your garlic breath, does it still ward off their attacks?

How one Georgia orthodontist builds trust through technology.


A board-certified orthodontist from Gainesville, Georgia, says new technology allowed him to treat a patient he might not have otherwise been able to help.

Mark Causey, DMD, offers a firsthand view of a case involving a patient with developmental disabilities.

Recently, Dr. Causey shared insights with Orthodontic Products about his new Carestream 3600 Intraoral Scanner, including the fact that in less than five minutes he captured an orthodontic impression that would have been impossible to capture by traditional methods.

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