How did America’s Best Young Dentists become the best? Find out.


Membership has its privileges – and for the sixth year running, lncisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine has gone coast to coast to track down 40 of the finest dental practitioners age 40 and under, and induct them into this august professional group.

According to Incisal Edge:

“That’s 240 young doctors in all since we inaugurated these honors in 2011.

We invited them to Manhattan, where our stylists and photographers treated them like the dental royalty they are – tricking them out in the latest couture and giving them the full VIP treatment.

Then we simply … let them be themselves. They mingled, joked, shared success stories and got ready for their well-deserved close-ups. Dressed to the nines and raising a toast to one another, these latest additions to our burgeoning roster of sterling young doctors have made it past the velvet rope with ease and into an even more exclusive group: the practitioners who are, through the sheer force of their commitment and expertise, helping our profession ascend to even greater heights in the years ahead.”

Among this year’s Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 recipients are 15 women and 25 men from20 states: Eric Appelsies, DDS,  Newport Beach Dentistry, Newport Beach, California, Christopher Armento, DMD, Red Barn Dental, Middletown, New Jersey, Nick Augenbaum DDS, FICOI, AFAAID, Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, Rocky Point, New York, Taurance N. Bishop, DDS, Smile Brite Dental Care, Newark, Delaware,  Ryan R. Boylan, DDS,  Ryan Boylan Comprehensive Dentistry, Chesapeake, Virginia, Fouy Chau, DDS, MS,Encino Orthodontics, Encino, California, Daniel K. Coleman, DMD, MS, Rhode Island Periodontics, Providence, Rhode Island, Stephanie Collins, DDS, Stephanie Collins, DDS, Flagstaff, Arizona, Heather Crockett-Miller, DDS, MPH, Community Health Center, Middletown, Connecticut, Niki Fallah DDS, MS, Mills-Peninsula Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Millbrae, California, Theodore Gialanella, D.D.S., Gialanella Family Dentistry, Albany, New York, Ashley E. Hoban, DMD, Summerlin Pediatric Dentistry, Las Vegas, Nevada, Carlos J. Huerta, DMD, The Dental Boutique, New York, New York, Matthew P. Huff, DDS, Precision Dentistry & Implants of Kerrville, Kerrville, Texas, Lisa Indelicato, DMD, Red Barn Dental, Middletown, New Jersey, Andrew Jordan, DDS, Vita Dental, West Chester, Ohio, Alexandra Kantor, DDS, Newport Beach Dentistry, Newport Beach, California, Jenna Khoury DMD, The Brush Stop Pediatric Dentistry, Carlsbad, California,Thien Le, DDS, Springdale Dentistry, Annandale, Virginia, Karl Maloney, DDS, Branchburg Oral, Maxillofacial and Implant Surgery, Branchburg, New Jersey, Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD, Salem Dental Arts, Salem, Massachusetts, Micah G. Mortensen, DDS, MSD,Redwood Orthodontics, Salt Lake City, Utah, Katelyn Murray, DMD, Verber Dental Group, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Ron Nguyen, DDS, Bolsa Dental, Westminster, California, Amy Planz, DDS,  Hillsborough Pediatric Dentistry, Hillsborough, New Jersey, Jaime L. Preble, DDS, Pine River Dental Center, Pine River, Minnesota, Ashton A. Prince, DMD, Bloomington Courtyard Dental, St. George, Utah, Christen Simpson Raynes, DDS, MBA,Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and Simpson Dental Associates, Ravenswood, West Virginia, Jean A. Resnevic, DMD, Dr. Jean Resnevic Dental Care, Greenville, Rhode Island, Ryan Rother, DMD, Verber Dental Group, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Aaron Shaftel, DDS,  Vita Dental, West Chester, Ohio, Jeff Y. Shao, DDS, MS, Showtime Orthodontic Arts, The Woodlands, Texas, Uyen Thompson, DDS, Thompson Center for Dentistry, Chula Vista, California,  Ambrose To, DDS, Damascus Dental Group, Damascus, Maryland, Hitesh Tolani, DMD,  Virtudent, Boston, Massachusetts, Michael C. Verber, DMD, FICOI, Verber Dental Group, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Whitney Wauligman DDS, Wauligman Dentistry, Cincinnati, Ohio, Giles Willis Jr. DDS, MPH, Willis Family Dentistry, Cary, North Carolina, Jonathan W. Wong, DDS, MS, Renovo Endodontics, Schaumburg, Illinois, and Jacob Young, DDS, Young Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Belton, Missouri.

View the results of their two-day whirlwind session with renowned style director Joseph DeAcetis and photographer Jeff Fried and meet all 40 of America’s Best Young Dentists in the magazine’s fall edition:

Congratulations to one and all, from!

Because it’s never too early to start thinking about the 2017 awards, Incisal Edge recently opened its nominations. Enter today at:

Please, keep your vacuum clean.



That’s one goal at every dental practice, right?

That’s why after 30 years of servicing dental vacuum lines, the creators of Oxevac decided to introduce a better option.

They observed the room for improvement among other cleaners, which they noticed were not properly cleaning and sanitizing. What followed was the introduction of their dental evacuation system cleaner, the environmentally friendly and made in the USA (patent pending) Oxevac.

Described as having “powerful peptizing fizzing action” Oxevac begins cleaning immediately, clearing evacuation lines of any build up, residue, and odor.

before-and-afterTheir website illustrates this with before/after imagery, at left, which aims to clearly demonstrate the benefits of Oxevac’s sanitizing efforts, which continues even when the pump at your practice is turned off. Their logic: Continuous usage ensures a clean evacuation system.

A video created offers an Oxevac ease-of-use overview:

Learn more at:


Does charcoal look like it will whiten your teeth? If you think not, then listen to your instincts (and the experts).




Cast of NBC sitcom Seinfeld, including Jason Alexander, left, as George Costanza.

Doing The Opposite” of every rational instinct elicited positive results for the Seinfeld character George Costanza in 1994, but life is hardly an NBC sitcom (even though it might seem so of late).

So, when a DIY teeth whitening trend involves the use of a “charcoal-derived black mixture,” perhaps stick to logical advice from dental industry experts instead of taking the opposite approach. interviewed Dr. Susan Maples, a Michigan-based dentist and ortho speaker  (and a recipient of the 2016 Lucy Hobbs Award for exemplary women in dentistry) on the topic this week. The author of “Blabber Mouth!: 77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You to Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life,” told that “there isn’t enough evidence available to know whether the supplement is beneficial and that it may be dangerous.”


” ‘I worry about the long-term effects of a video like this,’ Maples said. ‘Teeth are the only part of the ectoderm that does not replenish or heal itself— once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can color your hair, you can pierce your skin, damage your nail, shave an eyebrow— all of that comes back.’

Maples said the difference between using an approved dental tool, whether at home or at the dentist’s office, and a DIY remedy like charcoal lies in their approaches.

For example, approved products seep through the enamel and into the inner layer of the tooth called the dentin, which influences tooth color. Users and dentists don’t know how severe the charcoal supplement may be, so it may leave teeth stained or blotchy. The trendy product may also leave tooth enamel susceptible to deterioration and erosion, which can lead to sensitivity and cavities. “

Dr. Maples noted in the interview that patients can avoid these risks. Learn what she recommends to patients interested in whitening their teeth:


The report noted that The American Dental Association has currently not evaluated or approved any charcoal teeth whitening products.



Think you missed your chance to celebrate #NHCW16? Think again.

Business people joining hands

National Health Center Week may have ended Saturday, but it serves as a timely reminder of the service to the communities that America’s Health Centers provide year round.

Timely, because the 100K Advocates in 100 Days challenge, which officially began May 11, runs through the end of August.  At 80,000 advocates, the Campaign For America’s Health Centers, a project of @NACHC is within reach of a major milestone for the Health Center Advocacy Network and requests help to increase the number of advocates to 100, 000 before the end of this month.

Ways you can support their efforts:
* Join the Movement:  
* Learn more: Follow CFAHC on Facebook and Twitter

Timely, also, because another deadline awaits. Each year, hundreds of Health Center Advocates submit pictures and videos celebrating the amazing work their Health Center does. The National Health Center Week Picture & Video Contest, with a deadline of August 31, 2016 offers an opportunity to use your creativity to garner national attention for your Health Center.

Why 4 days serving U.S. veterans will change your life.


In late September, dentists are invited to volunteer at Brighter Way Dental Center (formerly CASS Dental Clinic.) Below, shares four reasons it will change your life in four days:

1. You will change the lives of veterans, earn 34 CEU,  receive hands-on training, and gather confidence to practice innovative approaches including implant placement, bone regeneration, tissue engineering, and other surgical procedures.

2. The Brighter Way Dental Center in Phoenix, Arizona is the largest volunteer dental clinic in the United States, offering comprehensive dental care for the homeless. What began in a cramped trailer in 2001 is now a state-of-the-art facility, which operates solely on generous donations and selfless volunteers, and run by Kris Volcheck, DDS, MBA. (Dr. Kris Volcheck was named one of 10 activists awarded by the Robert Wood Johnson
Foundation for transforming health and health care in vulnerable communities.)

3.   This intensive Live Surgical course September 22 – 25 provides hands-on surgical training treating patients of various levels of surgical complexity. (Patients are pre-selected with various levels of surgical complexity to match your clinical skills.)

4. One day of lecture and workshops are followed by three days of live surgeries performed by participants (this means you!). Doctors will work in teams of two, together with one instructor with extensive implant experience mentoring the team during the procedures.

Brighter Way is working with Advanced Implant Educators to improve the oral health and self esteem of the men and women who have served our country.  Within this volunteer mission, attendees are changing lives, giving back to the community and at the same time, gaining valuable skills to treat their own patients.

Learn more and register today: