Does negativity make you want to scream? Robb Zbierski has a solution.


“He is awesome! I could listen to him 24/7. I wish I had a virtual Robb to start every day!!” said Melissa Mahle, Purchasing Agent at Benco Dental after Robb Zbierski’s 9 a.m. presentation “Train Your Brain for Success”.

rob-zimg_9477Robb Zbierski, a speaker for Freedom Personal Development, visited the dental distribution company’s home office in Pittston, Pennsylvania today as a guest presenter. Judging by the crowd at all three sessions, and their interaction with Zbierski, Mahle was not alone in her enthusiasm for his message.

In 2016, Zbierski shared his energy in Dallas, Texas at the 2016 Lucy Hobbs Project Annual Celebration, which is an initiative sponsored by Benco Dental to engage and empower women in dentistry. Today the company invited him to its hub invite associates based there to receive the same opportunity to participate in his educational and entertaining program.

From realizing the difference between “a groove and a rut,” and the importance of attitude, to managing your personal mindset, Zbierski offered impactful suggestions —wfm90606-rmawqlcpyqwiftvskxadwjuwjybhetrc-v2embracing laughter among them.

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But does she floss? Dental student from France earns Miss Universe title

Dental student Iris Mittenaere shares her first selfie as 2017 Miss Universe on Instagram.

As the first person in 64 years to accept the honor of Miss Universe for her country, Iris Mittenaere, of Lille, France, brings a winning smile, and a dental

2017 Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere of France shares this message via Instagram: "Finally met the other French Queen with a matching crown."

2017 Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere of France shares this message via Instagram: “Finally met the other French Queen with a matching crown.”

message to the role.

The 24-year-old, who has been pursuing a degree in dental surgery, hopes to advocate for dental and oral hygiene, according to the Miss Universe website.

“As a dental student, she’s passionate about dental care. As Miss Universe, she wants to continue her awareness campaign for dental care and oral hygiene, taking it all around the world.”

Among her pastimes are extreme sports: skydiving, bungee bumping and hang gliding. Mittenaere even competed on Ninja Warrior France. Perhaps she’ll create a custom mouth guard with the Miss Universe logo?

Learn more about Mittenaere’s plans for her first year at: ,  and follow her on Instagram as she documents her first few weeks in the new role.

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Can holistic dentistry help kids avoid extensive treatment?


Healthy habits, fewer sugary snacks and initial dental visits by a child’s  first birthday – all are preventive methods proven successful in helping reduce extensive dental work in preschoolers.

A report by Natural Awakenings magazine suggests other options to “reduce the too-common incidence of six to 10 childhood cavities” include:

  • breastfeeding only until baby teeth erupt;
  • avoiding transmission of an anaerobic oral bacteria carried in saliva that’s the leading cause of tooth decay;
  • early interceptive treatment to avoid crowding of teeth;
  • and consulting a nutritionist.

screenshot-2016-11-14-18-10-17In an interview with Dr. Susan Maples, 2016 Lucy Hobbs Project honoree and owner of Total Health Dentistry, in Holt, Michigan, she notes that Streptococcus mutans is the leading reason children are hospitalized today.

Dr. Maples explained to reporter Linda Sechrist: “Cavities are formed when the rate of decay of the teeth caused by the lactic acid produced by the bacteria exceeds the rate of repair initiated by the phosphate and calcium ions in saliva.”

“The unwanted bacteria is transmitted through saliva, which is why adults should avoid licking spoons or tasting foods before offering them to children between the ages of 1 and 3. ‘This type of bacteria thrives on sugar, so children shouldn’t have lots of sugary drinks and sweet treats,’ says Maples. Mouth kissing presents a similar risk.”

Read the full story and learn how holistic dentistry can help keep decay away:


Don’t worry about a few wrinkles. Make a youthful smile top priority.


Cavities. Tooth discoloration or tooth loss. Periodontal disease.
By ignoring daily oral hygiene practices, harmful bacteria puts smiles at risk.

Dr. Matt Kavanaugh, Indiana, Indianapolis, shared this advice, and more in a recent blog:

“The simplest thing you can do to keep Father Time at bay is to practice good oral hygiene habits. Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly promotes healthy teeth and gums and keeps your smile looking and feeling clean. If we ignore these simple habits, we put our smiles at risk of harmful bacteria which can lead to unsightly effects.”

He recommends maintaining good oral health throughout your life as it preserves the appearance of your smile, but more importantly preserves your overall health.

“Bleeding gums caused by periodontal disease can allow bacteria from your mouth to enter your bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. Research suggests gum disease can increase our risk for serious health problems, including Diabetes, Endocarditis and cardiovascular disease, Osteoporosis, Strokes, and Alzheimer’s Disease.”

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Dentist, composer, motorcyclist: How one grandmother’s pioneering spirit lives on through her Sol.

Dr. Margarida de Souza Menezes de Figueiredo, shown, the only woman in her dental class in 1928, and the first female dentist in the Brazilian city of Recife Pernambuco, earned recognition later in life for her work as a composer and musician.

During Sol Figueiredo’s first visit to a dental museum tucked in the mountains of Pennsylvania, she did not expect to be overcome with emotion.

When the Brazilian interior designer and architect walked past a dental operatory representing the 1900-1940 era, her eyes filled with tears.



Sol Figueiredo reminisces over dental instruments similar to those used by her grandmother, who in 1928 was the first female in her Brazilian city to earn a dental degree. (Eric Larsen/ Benco Dental)

Sol Figueiredo, who recently joined the CenterPoint Design staff of Benco Dental at its Orange County, California location, stopped in her tracks on a tour of the company’s home office in Pittston, Pa.

What caught her eye? Dental instruments similar to those used by her grandmother nearly 90 years ago in Brazil.

Dr. Margarida de Souza Menezes de Figueiredo was the only female dentist in her graduating class in 1928, and the first female dentist in the Brazilian city of Recife Pernambuco.

“I feel so close to her,” said Sol Figueiredo, of her paternal grandmother.

“She graduated in 1928 from dental school, and I’m in her world. It is so inspiring.”

Sol noted that her grandmother (shown above), in addition to establishing a dental practice and raising three children with her husband, earned national recognition in Brazil as a musician and composer.

“In 1954, she won a competition and her music was featured on the radio. During an interview they asked her how a woman in her time could be a dentist, a composer, drive a motorcycle?”


Dr. Margarida de Souza Menezes de Figueiredo, center, is interviewed in 1954 by RÁDIO NACIONAL for her work as a composer and musician. (Courtesy Sol Figueiredo)

Sol explained, “If there was something in her way, it wasn’t a problem, because she was very focused. She didn’t care what people said about her. She just lived her life intensely.”

Though Dr. Margarida died 12 years ago at the age of 98, Sol recalls the vibrancy with which her grandmother lived even in later years, when she resided with Sol’s parents and siblings in their home.

At age 18, Sol admired her 88-year-old grandmother’s zest for life.

“She was always singing,  reciting poems and telling people stories. It’s something that never leaves my mind: She never felt old.”

Mirroring that energy,  Sol, by age 28, had earned degrees in architecture and interior design from the Instituto Medotista Bennett College, collaborated with noted architects Andrea Chicharo and the late Eduardo Pinho, and established a successful design firm in Rio de Janeiro: Sol Figueiredo Interiors.


Dr. Margarida de Souza Menezes de Figueiredo, in 1928, aa she earns her degree in dentistry.

She relocated to the United States in 2005, where she met her husband Blue Michael Plante. They live today today in Corona, California with their daughter Yasmin, 5.

After her departure from Brazil, Sol took heart when her father, Fernando Antonio Menezes de Figueiredo, told her, “You’re like my mom, you’re not afraid to go away to learn.”

Sol explained,”I’m the first generation of my family in America,”

In her new position with Benco Dental’s CenterPoint Design team, Sol said she finds a unique opportunity to channel the legacy of her grandmother, Dr. Margarida de Souza Menezes.

“I’m proud that I’m going to be working in her field. I just think, ‘If she was alive today and young, what would she would be capable of doing?'”


Dr. Margarida de Souza Menezes de Figueiredo the only woman in her dental class (shown), and the first female dentist in the Brazilian city of Recife Pernambuco.