Chicagoland Smile Founder talks Paris, proposals and podcasts #ie40under40

Imagine spending a spring afternoon being styled by an international fashion expert during an exclusive celebrity photo shoot in NYC. Sound exciting? Then you haven’t met Chicago sensation Dr. Roshan Parikh (known to his patients as “Dr. Ro”). One month after the Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 photo session for the dental lifestyle magazine, the 36-year-old dentist orchestrated […]

Have toothpicks gone by the wayside? #thedailyfloss won’t shed a tear.

While floss (!) and interdental brushes offer safer solutions for cleaning in between teeth, people have been picking their teeth for hundreds of years. Just ask Washington Post reporter Sarah Kaplan, who recently discussed evidence that Neanderthals used toothpicks for dentistry. Signs of toothpick use have been seen in Neanderthal skulls, according to James Wynbrandt in […]

Dentistry’s Kleenex?

It took over 60 years to develop the first CBCT. Sixty years after that, we’re all still calling this breakthrough by its original name: Panorex. The technical term is “generic trademark,” but it really ought to be called “the marketer’s dream”: It’s when your brand name becomes synonymous with a product or service. Think Kleenex […]

Summer drive, anyone? Take the Jaguar F-Type SVR coupe out for a spin.

Check this baby out! Jaguars have always been beautiful cars. The new F-Type SVR coupe, though, ups the ante with technology advances and elegant style galore. “You’ll blitz up snaking roads so effortlessly you’ll start to think about moving your practice up into the mountains somewhere,” said Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine’s Jonathon Ramsey. “The […]