To Dracula: Nothing for you here. To everyone with garlic breath: Keep reading, please.


We’re all about healthy habits at, especially as they relate to tooth brushing and flossing. But a little natural help to eliminate halitosis never hurts.

According to, eating some raw foods may help reduce garlic breath. In a study completed at Ohio State University whose results were published in the September issue of the Journal of Food Science:

“Researchers gave participants three grams of softneck garlic cloves to chew for 25 seconds, and then water (control), raw, juiced or heated apple, raw or heated lettuce, raw or juiced mint leaves, or green tea were consumed immediately.”

Which foods took a bite out of garlic breath? How did green tea fare? Read the full story for the science behind the results:

The real question: If Dracula – and vampires- can’t smell your garlic breath, does it still ward off their attacks?

How one Georgia orthodontist builds trust through technology.


A board-certified orthodontist from Gainesville, Georgia, says new technology allowed him to treat a patient he might not have otherwise been able to help.

Mark Causey, DMD, offers a firsthand view of a case involving a patient with developmental disabilities.

Recently, Dr. Causey shared insights with Orthodontic Products about his new Carestream 3600 Intraoral Scanner, including the fact that in less than five minutes he captured an orthodontic impression that would have been impossible to capture by traditional methods.

 To view the complete case study, visit:

Headed to the Mile High City this week? Let Incisal Edge be your guide.


This week, the American Dental Association’s annual conference will meet in Denver for the first time since 1930.

In the Fall edition of Incisal Edge dental lifestyle mag, Jerilyn Forsythe (associate editor at 5280, Denver’s official magazine) guides visitors:

  • from the Colorado Convention Center (700 14th St.), where the conference will take place Oct. 20-24 (“Out front you’ll see the beloved Blue Bear (shown) peering inside. The piece’s official name is ‘I See What You Mean,’ and where Denver acquired its fascination with gigantic blue creatures is anyone’s guess.)”
  • to LoDo’s most vibrant and exciting thoroughfare, Larimer Square (which is actually

    LoDo nightlife.

    a one-block stretch of Larimer Street) and

  • the Colorado State Capitol (200 E. Colfax Ave.), whose exterior steps mark the spot that’s precisely 5,280 feet.

Don’t miss:  Forsythe suggests you pencil in a meal at Acorn and “a great excuse to visit Denver’s up-and-coming RiNo neighborhood. (The city loves portmanteau nicknames; this one’s short for River North.)”

If you extend your stay: Head for the great outdoors, says Forsythe. She offers her take on Red Rocks Amphitheatre (18300 W. Alameda Parkway) and the Moenkopi Loop, both just 10 miles from the Convention Center:

Read Forsythe’s guide to do Denver like a local:




Jerilyn Forsythe tells Incisal Edge readers set to visit Denver for this week’s ADA annual conference: “…break a sweat climbing the (Red Rocks) amphitheater’s steps. When you hit the summit, marvel at the natural beauty of your surroundings and the sheer plenitude of all this magnificent city has to offer.”

Soon to be 100 years halitosis-free.


No, they don’t simulate bad breath, but dental models created in Lancaster, Pennsylvania arrive at dental schools complete with tartar, gum disease, or ready for a root canal.

Selling over one billion teeth per year, Columbia Dentoform even offers feline and canine “patient simulators” for dental students.

Forty-one year employee Director of Sales Philip Briales (who tells his granddaughters he works for the tooth fairy!) recently offered a glimpse of the handcrafted nature of the business to

Cranking out chompers for just a few years – 2017 will mark their centennial – this company was decades ahead of the gender neutral concept.

“We didn’t want to put an gender in the manikin, so this could be anybody. The design of it is based on what an average human would look like…” Briales explained to

Go ahead and rekindle those dental school memories. Make it your Monday must-see:



Want to be a part of history?


Maybe you’d like to connect with influential entrepreneurs and investors in New York.

If either of these concepts interests you, then nominate your game-changing dental innovation today for an Edison Award™.

Thirty years ago, the Edison Awards was established by the American Marketing Association to celebrate innovations in the CPG industry. Since then they’ve grown, and are now honoring game-changing innovations from around the world in over 15 categories – including dentistry.

Edison Award finalists have the opportunity to showcase their products at a daytime event on April 20, 2017! Last year, two Edison Awards finalists went head-to-head in a “SharkTank” style competition:

On April 20, 2017, the Edison Awards™ will recognize innovations — for the 30th time. They are currently accepting innovation submissions through Friday, November 18. If you are unfamiliar with the Edison Awards, or on the fence about nominating, check out three more reasons why you should nominate today:

Doesn’t your dental innovation deserve the spotlight? Nominate today: