Michigan dentist shares secrets of her success


Dr. Sarah Palmer, 37, (shown) credits new technology, a strong business plan and individualized service for her Grandville, Michigan practice’s steady growth, in her recent interview with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine.

“I’VE WANTED TO BE a dentist since I was 4 years old. As a child I was extremely fearful of the dentist, and I wanted to change that for people.

After two years of undergrad, I finished a year of dental-assisting training and became an RDA before entering dental school. I wanted to work in an office and be positive that dentistry was the career path for me. I loved every minute of it.

When I opened my own practice, I immediately started investing in it and buying technology. I started with digital radiography, laser cavity detectors and intraoral cameras. In the last year, I purchased the Solea laser. I understand that most people don’t like going to the dentist, and attention to patients’ needs has helped shape my practice contributed to the tremendous growth we’ve seen over the last three years.

Writing a business plan has been the key to my success. I review it often and revise as needed. We have a very efficient practice; we’re all like-minded in our approach. Time management is always a struggle. It’s difficult to juggle a practice, 10 employees, thousands of patients, a husband and three children. Balance is the key.”

Read the complete interview at: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/884087ef#/884087ef/16

Dear Tooth Fairy: I’m disappointed in myself.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 11.12.43

I woke up this morning to find a sheet of beautifully embossed periwinkle stationery washi-taped to my forehead, and what appeared to be a gold glitter bomb explosion on my bathroom vanity.

My immediate reaction: #OopsIdiditagain! Another #NationalToothFairyDay elapsed with no heartfelt missive from me to my favorite fairy.

In all fair(y)ness, the winged wonder was spotlighted earlier this year at thedailyfloss.com. Of course, on that most recent day of revelry, I publicly questioned her sense of fairness: https://thedailyfloss.com/tag/national-tooth-fairy-day/

I’m here to make it right. The Tooth Fairy deserves far more than two days of recognition annually. TheDailyFloss.com hereby proposes #NationalToothFairyMonth. (Full disclosure: My daughter teeters on the decade of wiggly teeth.)

Let the following four FairyFacts serve as sound basis for this nomination:

FairyFact: This entrepreneurial impresario previously earned a spot among the Forbes Fictional 15.

FairyFact: According to Forbes, in 2010 she gifted $145M of her $6.9 billion amassed wealth (nearly 4%!) A true humanitarian in every sense of the word, this fairy is far more generous than her counterparts C. Montgomery Burns and Scrooge McDuck.

FairyFact: If workaholic tendencies seem to prohibit a healthy work life balance, T.F. at least compensates with extensive world travel, a sparkling wardrobe, and loyal following.

FairyFact: A most fascinating take on her truly altruistic nature is demonstrated in the 2012 film Rise of the Guardians in which Toothiana is portrayed as an agile, intelligent (she’s multilingual, of course!), and fearless cherisher of childhood memories.

Need additional convincing? A dossier for your inspection:

In case this heartfelt plea doesn’t earn favor with the fairy, I close with a formal apology:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
TheDailyFloss.com deeply regrets a belated recognition of your day.
Though not an excuse, the root cause falls under the heading “overscheduled” rather than “sheer thoughtlessness”.
Please accept my sincere apology and the promise of future adulation.
From the heart,




Want to unwind in a tranquil rainforest atmosphere? Head to Oklahoma City with zen dentists.


The Lucy Hobbs Project and the Oklahoma Association of Women Dentists invite you to unwind with wine and yoga in a tranquil rainforest atmosphere: OKC Zoo Canopy Restaurant, 2000 Remington Place, Oklahoma City.

With first-timers in mind, yoga instructor Crystal Baker on August 25 will share techniques to reduce stress in the office and lead a gentle flow yoga class to release tension in the muscles and stress in the mind. The OAWD will offer 1 CE credit.

Because giving back is a core value for the Lucy Hobbs Project, attendees are invited to
give back by bringing a donation for Project 66, a 501(c)3 non-profit, faith-based ministry providing food to families in need in Edmond, Arcadia and surrounding communities. Suggested donations: toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, soap and toilet paper. Learn more about the nonprofit at: www.project66.org

Register today by calling 1-800-GO-BENCO. Reference Item is #5067-572. Cost is $10 per attendee and includes yoga, 1 CE credit, appetizers and local wines.

Attendees are asked to bring a yoga mat and dress in favorite yoga gear. Sponsors include Benco Dental, The Lucy Hobbs Project, Crest +Oral-B and Hu-Friedy.

How one Tennessee mom found a long-lasting use for toothpaste.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 12.03.55

Social media. Love it (we at thedailyfloss.com couldn’t exist without it!) or hate it, this virtual connector of people is a force to be reckoned with daily.

Positive interactions, such as the 650,000 Likes and 708,214 shares earned in seven days for one Cleveland, Tennessee mom’s message to her middle-school daughter, offer a hopeful view.

Since this magnanimous response revolved around using toothpaste – and words- for good, we felt compelled to prolong its popularity. If you haven’t read it yet, find out how Amy Beth Gardner enlightened her young daughters about the power of kindness: https://www.facebook.com/amybethgardner

Next time you have the chance to share a positive post about a dental humanitarian or pass on a dose of dental humor, remember Amy Beth Gardner and her toothpaste message.


Please, keep your vacuum clean.



That’s one goal at every dental practice, right?

That’s why after 30 years of servicing dental vacuum lines, the creators of Oxevac decided to introduce a better option.

They observed the room for improvement among other cleaners, which they noticed were not properly cleaning and sanitizing. What followed was the introduction of their dental evacuation system cleaner, the environmentally friendly and made in the USA (patent pending) Oxevac.

Described as having “powerful peptizing fizzing action” Oxevac begins cleaning immediately, clearing evacuation lines of any build up, residue, and odor.

before-and-afterTheir website illustrates this with before/after imagery, at left, which aims to clearly demonstrate the benefits of Oxevac’s sanitizing efforts, which continues even when the pump at your practice is turned off. Their logic: Continuous usage ensures a clean evacuation system.

A video created offers an Oxevac ease-of-use overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxKiNfYkH88

Learn more at: https://shop.benco.com/Product/5079-854/oxevac-dental-evacuation-and-suction-cleaner-case-of-24-packets?SearchId=83e6f009-8554-45e2-a5da-f3393cbfd950