Did someone say Podinar?

If you’re not familiar with Podinar and the “Olympics of Dentistry,” Dr. Kianor Shah (shown, above left) of the Global Summits Institute (GSI) is here to enlighten on both topics.

Earlier this year, the Institute, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, hosted its 2020 Peer-To-Peer Global Dental Interdisciplinary Summit in a new format. The Global Interdisciplinary Summit Webinars occured from April 15 through May 31, and to date, Dr. Shah said over 400,000 dental professionals from around the world have been reached.

According to Dr. Shah, DMD, MBA, some have coined the annual event an “Olympics of Dentistry,” and others have championed it as a tremendous international effort.

The Global Summits Institute brings together renowned speakers from more than 70 countries and all the continents to teach, learn, share, support and provide a unified resource in every discipline and specialty in the profession of dentistry.

“During the pandemic, our friends and colleagues are increasing their skills, knowledge and abilities with this peer-to-peer initiative and platform.”

Dr. Kianor Shah, DMD, MBA

A GPS for healthcare professionals

The Podinar, first-of-its-kind designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, combines educational seminars, peer-to-peer learning, and podcasts with a video format.

Dr. Shah said the Global Podinar Summit (GPS), hosted by the Institute, can be accessed by healthcare professionals from around the world.

  • Podinars are hosted by experts in the same field as the seasoned international lecturers and presenters.
  • The first half of each session is conducted in a podcast format.
  • The second half in a webinar slide format, followed by questions and answers.

The ability to communicate via technology with vast outreach has a significant impact on developing initiatives to decrease oral disease, a worldwide silent epidemic, according to Dr. Shah.

See for yourself.

The GPS series can be viewed on Facebook @GlobalSummits in the video section, or @Podinars on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube for the scheduled live sessions.

The Institute offers these complimentary Podinars to every healthcare professional with the belief that the Podinar format will create “a more intimate learning experience between the presenters and the viewership”.

Dr. Shah said the peer-to-peer mechanism leverages technology and social media in order to reach healthcare professionals who otherwise do not have the finances, the ability to travel, or the access to gain this wealth of knowledge.

Today Dr. Christian Coachman and host, Dr. Shah, discussed “The Evolving Clinician. How to Differentiate Yourself.”

The current Podinar series focuses on the dental profession and has already reached over two million professionals, said Dr. Shah.

For details, contact: info@Gi-Summit.com

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