Which product is making the root-membrane technique simple, intuitive and effective?

IDS makes immediate implant placement in the esthetic zone faster, easier and more accessible than ever. Alternately known as socket-shield or partial-extraction therapy, the root-membrane technique offers extraordinarily long-term effectiveness, and the MegaGen Root Membrane Kit distills it into a straightforward, step-by-step procedure to enable more practices to delve into one of the fastest-growing areas of implant dentistry.

Developed by surgical-implant specialists, this is the only kit to include all necessary drills and burs, logically arranged and clearly described.

MegaGen’s diamond drill was designed specifically for this application by Hinatawada Precision Manufacturing, a 50-year-old Japanese firm known for its craftsmanship. The drill is durable, eliminates excessive vibration and won’t wobble at high speeds. You also get perfect matching with the AnyRidge Implant System, whose unequaled initial stability is the key to success.

Simple, intuitive and effective: That’s the MegaGen Root Membrane Kit, and there’s no easier way to add immediate implant placement to your practice’s burgeoning skill set.

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