What’s flexible, durable and sleek? Herman Miller Compass system

When Dr. Peter Rosandich built a new clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, timing could not have been better.

Herman Miller had just introduced Compass, a breakthrough modular system for health care made up of interchangeable components to meet varying needs. Compass gave Dr. Rosandich everything he wanted and more– plus the flexibility to take the entire system with him if he ever moved.

Sleek at first sight

Dr. Rosandich said the very first thing that attracted him was the way Compass looked.

“It was very sleek; I liked its low profile and that it didn’t sit on the floor, which I think makes furniture look heavy.”

Thanks to the individual components, Dr. Rosandich could change things around when he wanted to or add more if he needed to expand in the future.

Compass — the whole package

  • Modularity and flexibility to accommodate change
  • Features such as cantilevering and healthcare-appropriate finishes to make cleaning easier and help reduce the risk of infection
  • Aesthetics that are every bit as appealing as built-ins
  • Durability to withstand tough environments and constant use


CPE_Compass Side wall_C
Features such as a splashless sink, cantilevering, and healthcare-appropriate finishes make Compass ideal for clinical settings.

Now that he’s lived with it awhile, would Dr. Rosandich recommend Compass to other physicians?

“Absolutely!” he states emphatically. “Everyone except my competition, that is.”

Want to learn how you can incorporate Herman Miller in your practice?

Contact Mandy Welman at 570-602-7011 or hermanmiller@benco.com

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