So, this just happened in the national publishing world last night…


America’s best young dentists – and America’s best young web developers – earned a moment or two in the spotlight last night  among a few other titans of publishing.

Just moments prior to ESPN The Magazine accepting Folio:’s first-ever Magazine of the Year Award at the Eddie & Ozzie Awards hosted at the New York Hilton Midtown, Kevin Garubba, Christopher Cruz, Eric Larsen and the team at Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine celebrated a victory in the Site Design category for .

Screenshot 2018-10-10 17.18.30

Over 300 industry professionals gathered in the Trianon Ballroom at the New York Hilton Midtown to celebrate the Eddie & Ozzie Awards for excellence in editorial and design. Brands from all across the publishing space submitted over 2,000 entries, competing to take home the gold across 200 categories, according to’s coverage by Kayleigh Barber.

“ was born of a mission: Create a place for the dental community that rewards passion, success, and owning your craft. When we built our website, we designed what we wished was already out there for dentists – a chance for them to express their authentic personalities and highest levels of success in connection with prestigious events,” said Kevin Garubba, webmaster at Benco Dental, the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor, which publishes the print edition of Incisal Edge quarterly and its related websites.

What did Benco's giant tooth say to Incisal Edge? Congratulations!
Webmaster Kevin Garubba represents the Incisal Edge award-winning web development team at the Benco Dental home office Wednesday. Garubba, Christopher Cruz, Eric Larsen and the team at Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine earned a victory Tuesday evening during Folio:’s Eddie & Ozzie Awards hosted at the New York Hilton Midtown. The trio took home top prize in the Site Design category for Brands from all across the publishing space submitted over 2,000 entries, competing to take home the gold across 200 categories.
“This was the first WordPress site I had ever started from scratch, and I’m so grateful that Chris Cruz, my brilliant co-worker and best friend, was able to help with finishing the project in development. While running on a treadmill, the idea came to my mind and it was surreal to see it reach fruition exactly as I had imagined,” added Garubba.

Incisal Edge earned Honorable Mention status in five other categories, listed below.

EDDIES, awards for uncompromising journalism:

  •  Full IssueIncisal Edge, Winter Edition, 2018, “Survivors,” by Incisal Edge editorial team. Known for its “40 Under 40” feature that highlights the country’s brightest rising stars in dentistry, the magazine dedicates its cover to a topic neither glamorous nor bright: the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Aside from complementary coverage such as disaster preparedness and recovery assistance, the issue spotlights 22 pages of inspiration for renovations and rebuilds: the magazine’s 2017 Design Competition honorees.
    Screenshot 2018-09-17 14.46.34.png
  •  Long-Form Feature ContentIncisal Edge, Spring Edition, 2018: “Lights Out”, by Liz Dilts. Liz Dilts offers an honest examination of the level of welcomed innovation in the profession of dentistry – or lack thereof. Dilts’ interviews show that experts are divided on whether true dental innovation has ground to a halt or if it’s in the middle of a golden age.
  •  Series of ArticlesIncisal Edge, Design Feature, by Kristie Ceruti. Making a Splash, Spring 2018, Serenity by the Sea, Fall 2017, In Perfect Harmony, Summer 2017, Incisal Edge Design Competition package, Winter 2018. Every issue offers a feature based on the interior design, architecture and space planning. While photographs and blueprints offer a visual depiction, the impetus behind the masterpieces and the visionaries who drove the process forward can only be fully discovered in the stories.

OZZIES, awards for gorgeous design:

  • Feature Design: Incisal Edge, Fall, 2017, “Picture Perfect – 40 Under 40,” by Artistic Director LoriahWebbyColor leads the countdown of America’s best young dentists. With a challenge of featuring 40 people in an organized, readable and attractive manner, Loriah Webby incorporated a geometric element on the opener that transformed into a tool on the following pages to help direct the reader. Bright group shots add visual engagement and balance the glow that seems to surround each nominee and his or her effusive smile.

Screenshot 2018-09-17 14.48.09.png

  • PhotographyIncisal Edge, Winter, 2018, “Catch Some Rye,” by Eric Larsen. With the photography used for the Apex Spirits feature on spicy rye whiskey, Eric Larsen aimed to convey the feeling of bundled up warmth in winter and he accomplishes his goal.

In August, the Folio: team announced finalists. The team, along with a prestigious panel of 200+ judges, narrowed the more than 2,000 Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Award entries received this year to a list of roughly 1,000 finalists. The annual awards program, recognizing the very best in editorial and design, is the most comprehensive of its kind in the industry.

Incisal Edge Associate Editor Kristie Ceruti and Design Director Loriah Webby accepted the Ozzie for Site Design Tuesday evening in NYC on behalf of the dental lifestyle magazine team and its publisher Benco Dental.
Rachel A. Pugh, Incisal Edge Editor and Benco Dental Branding and Communications Manager

“It’s exciting that the year we decided to take our 40 Under 40 event to another level — by including the Next Gen Summit and creating a specific site for this elevated event — we won an award for the site’s design. I am proud to work with such a creative team and am continuously inspired by their ingenuity,” said Rachel A. Pugh, Incisal Edge Editor and Branding and Communication Manager at Benco Dental.

Visit the award-winning site:

Read the latest headlines in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine:


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