What are top dental practices are doing to save time, improve compliance, and maximize efficiency?

Hu-Friedy and Dental Products Report surveyed dental professionals recently to find out. Their focus: challenges and best practices within the dental office.

Screenshot 2018-05-29 23.34.19.pngThe full study results are available in Hu-Friedy’s new e-book, “The Journey to Better: The Top Areas That Must Be Addressed.”

At the crux of the solutions: the Instrument Management System (IMS), according to Hu-Friedy.com:

“The right instrument management system (IMS) can provide that edge practices seek and can surprisingly address many of the office’s goals and issues. IMS standardizes and combines the cleaning, sterilization, storage, and organization of instruments in one integrated cassette system – and it might just be a practice’s secret weapon to outpace the competition with a management strategy that maximizes both quality of care and practice efficiency.”

Hu-Friedy shared 5 ways instrument management keeps dental practices competitive. Check out two: 

  1.  Procedural setups in cassettes shave five to 10 minutes off each procedure  — a time savings that adds up quickly to an hour or more each day. With IMS, a single system combines cleaning, sorting, autoclaving, and prepping of instruments.
  2. Secured cassettes significantly reduce the need for staff to handle contaminated tools. The structured loading process for cassettes reduces the chance of overloading cleaning and sterilization equipment while helping to ensure every instrument will be properly cleaned and sterilized, every time.

Learn three more benefits of an effective Instrument Management System (IMS) today: https://www.hu-friedy.com/blog/5-ways-instrument-management-keeps-dental-practices-competitive-2018


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