On Memorial Day and every day, this team hopes to deliver Smiles for Vets.


Integrated Dental Systems (IDS) presents the Smiles for Vets Program, which helps provide critically needed dental care to U.S. veterans who would otherwise go without treatment.

Many U.S. veterans live with pain and suffering from infections caused by the lack of proper dental care; U.S. veterans account for 12% of the homeless population nationwide.

IDS will provide practitioners with FREE AnyRidge® implants, healing abutments and straight abutments for any implant procedure performed on a U.S. Veteran.*

(*Up to 4 AnyRidge Implants per U.S. Veteran patient. Maximum 10 patients per doctor. Doctor is responsible for any additional costs. Loaner surgical kits are available for surgery. Proper paperwork including HIPAA and Veteran ID number must be submitted at time of order. Offer expires 6/30/18. For private practice only.)

Learn more: https://thedailyfloss.com/2017/11/09/how-can-you-help-those-who-have-sacrificed-so-much-free-implants-for-u-s-veterans/

Want to get involved?

  1. Contact your Friendly Benco Rep at 1-800-GOBENCO.
  2. Visit www.idsimplants.com/smilesforvets to request your Free AnyRidge implants and to schedule an appointment. 


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