If you’re not Flossin, what are you waiting for?


From Instagram, YouTube, Saturday Night Live and a Pittsburgh Steelers Game to a primary school in the United Kingdom, one dance has been increasing in popularity since 2014.

According to knowyourmeme.com, the Floss dance has seen a steady upsurge:

Screenshot 2018-05-11 21.16.45

Most recently, the dental profession has taken a swing at it, led by the nation’s largest family-owned dental distributor Benco Dental and a dental blog you might be familiar with, thedailyfloss.com

On Monday, the two teamed up to launch the “Show Us Your Awesome Office Flossin” contest, with videos posted daily on their Facebook pages, featuring associates at Benco Dental Flossin’ and a few special guests: the likeness of  Dr. Lucy Hobbs Taylor, the first female earn to a dental degree in the U.S., a Tooth Fairy, even a 1,000-pound anatomically incorrect tooth sculpture, “The Little Solder,” which greets visitors at the company’s home office in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Those Flossin at Benco are in good company putting their best moves forward to generate fun and inspire positive oral health habits in the process.

Dr. Ryan Rother and team members at Rother Dental in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, offered a humorous take this week on the topic (below), including a flossing tip in the form of a hashtag: “#ifyouaintbendinyourejustpretendin“:


How can you participate and win some flossing supplies?

Thanks to PRO-SYS™, three dental offices with the best video submissions will receive cases of floss and flossers for their staff and patient use.

The challenge: Dental office are invited to post videos of their dental teams Flossin’ (patients are welcome to get in on the act, too!).


Show us your awesome office “Flossin”! (Gain some motivation from Backpack Kid & Dj Suede the Remix god: https://youtu.be/xAlspsu3G44 )

1. Post a video of you and/or your team “Flossin” on Facebook.

2. Like and tag @thedailyfloss and @bencodental in your post to be entered to win a @Pro-Sys floss prize.

Deadline to enter is Friday, May 18, 2018.
Winners will be notified Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery.
No purchase necessary to enter.
Videos will be shared via Facebook.
Benco Dental employees are not eligible to win.

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