Can you reduce this number of people with periodontal disease?

27751570_1726901810695226_8754243302559683570_nDr. Jonathan B. Levine will discuss the options on April 4 from 7 to 8 p.m. EST in a free webinar.

His topic: Addressing the Silent Oral-Systemic Health Epidemic in America

According to Dr. Levine:

It is well understood that half of American adults have periodontal disease and that number rises to over 70% in the elder population. This information, combined with the fact that only 12% of people floss regularly, suggests that current strategies to control gingival inflammation have not been effective at a population level and renewed efforts are necessary.

He will present the facts, the science and current status on the silent epidemic of oral-systemic health on April 4.

To register for this seminar, sponsored by GLO Science, visit:

Upon completion of this CE webinar, attendees will gain a further understanding of the oral health crisis, the connection between oral and overall health, and new innovative ways to impact the crisis.

Aiming for Value, Profitability, and Security for your Hygiene Team?

GLO Science will also sponsor Hygiene Empowerment, with presenter Roberta Torquato-Weber, RDH.

If you are interested in…

  • Becoming more familiar with hygiene statistics
  • Learning how to increase acceptance of other treatments through whitening
  • Identifying opportunities to help the practice beyond the delivery of daily prophylaxis and periodontal procedures
  • Understanding scheduling tactics, 

then earn free CE credits while attending on Thursday, March 22 from 7 to 8 p.m. EST.

Register today:


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