What’s the #1 thing dentists wish they’d known before a transition?

Recently Reese Harper, CFP® welcomed Wayne Oplinger, Transitions Analyst at Benco Dental to his podcast Dentist Money™ during the @GreaterNewYorkDentalMeeting, and Oplinger shared the most common mistakes dentists make when going through transitions.

  • What are your options when it comes to buying or selling a practice?
  • Will it be a gradual buyout or a clean break?

In episode #117, Oplinger talks about the current state and future outlook of the dental practice market, observations he’s made during hundreds of interactions with practice owners, choices and variables to consider when planning a transition, and the biggest regret dentists usually face after selling their practice.

Click this link to hear the podcast: https://dentistadvisors.com/education-library/podcast/wayne-oplinger-benco/

For additional information, contact Oplinger at woplinger@benco.com or 570-760-1069 or 1-800-GO-BENCO

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