Afraid to show your sensitive side? PRO-SYS wasn’t… and see where that got them.

Toothbrush users everywhere have been paying attention to the fact that one company isn’t brushing aside their feelings.

In fact, Benco Dental designed PRO-SYS sensitive to tell patients it’s OK to go easy on themselves.

“Brushing one’s teeth really shouldn’t feel like a punch in the mouth — or leave a sink full of pink,” PRO-SYS creators told Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine after winning an IE Award in 2017.

Social news and entertainment company, BuzzFeed, heralded PRO-SYS Sensitive in the top 5 of its 16 Of The Best Toothbrushes You Can Get On Amazon.

BuzzFeed’s Emmy Favilla offers selections “from multifunctional electric toothbrushes to eco-friendly bamboo ones, brushes for a range of needs and budgets that might make your next dentist visit a *little* less teeth-chattering.”

Catch the Buzz here:


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