Don’t let #nationaltoothacheday get the best of you.

Make today a “Wow!”, not an “Ow!

Look at #nationaltoothache day as a friendly reminder to create good habits in the year ahead.

If you don’t have toothache (and we hope you don’t!) treat yourself to a slice of pizza for #NationalPizzaDay. Read more about its bone-strengthening calcium benefits, in’s article Can Pizza Be Good For Your Oral Health?:

“Pizza is a good way to increase your calcium intake for the day. Cheese is one of the better sources of calcium. Calcium is a vital mineral that our body requires on a daily basis. However, our body cannot produce this nutrient on its own. So, it relies on the food that we eat.

Calcium is important for cell division and muscle contractions, including our heartbeat. The cells of our body that carry nerve impulses also need this essential mineral. Salivary production and enzyme activity for the production and activity of hormones involved in digestion, energy, and fat metabolism add another dimension to the benefits of this useful mineral.

To summarize, the cheese on pizza carries the calcium necessary in the transport of nutrients and other substances across cell membranes. Calcium interacts with sodium, potassium, and magnesium to regulate blood pressure and water balance. Quite a list from the oft-maligned staple of the young adult diet.”




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