What to do if Santa brings coal in your stocking.

Whiten your teeth with it?

Only if it’s in the form of activated charcoal, featured in such products as Curaprox  whitening toothpaste.

According to the Swiss company, Curaden, that produces it, Black Is White whitening toothpaste “removes discolouration using activated carbon without abrading or bleaching.”

Photo courtesy Curaden USA

How does it work?

Black Is White, available in two flavors, covers the teeth with a protective film made of nanohydroxyapatite, which remineralizes the enamel and tackles cavities that are starting to emerge, according to curaprox.com

Though the toothpaste contains fluoride, it is void of triclosan, plastic particles, sodium lauryl sulphate, and bleaching agents.

Its claim to fame, “charcoal acts as a magnet by pulling stains off the teeth,” is based on four key ingredients:

  • Sodium fluoride – fast-acting agent to neutralize the acid climate within the mouth. Aim: to strengthen teeth, decrease effects of acid and bacteria.
  • Nanohydroxyapatite (nHA) – serves as a protective layer on the tooth because of similarity to tooth enamel.
    Aim: to fill in incipient cavities and offer a remedial effect on damaged tooth enamel.
  • Enzymatic System – formulated with enzymes that occur naturally in the saliva. Aim: to enhance the saliva’s antibacterial and antiviral functions, and help to combat dry mouth.
  • Prestige Sparkling Blue — optical blue filter to reduce yellow discoloration
    Aim: to make teeth appear whiter without the use of chemical agents, to act as a physical brightener.
  • Starphere — provides cooling sensation.
    Aim: to leave the mouth refreshed.

Is it safe and effective?

DentistryIQ tackled those questions in a report byPatti DiGangi, RDH, BS, and Judy Zack Bendit, RDH, BS earlier this year: http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2017/03/black-toothpaste-and-white-teeth-when-opposites-collide.html




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