Image of a man chilling out in front of a beautiful landscape image.

Does your Monday need a big chill?

NuCalm 2.0 sedates anxious patients without nitrous, valium or things even stronger. Feeling more relaxed yet?

We’ll take a wild guess and say that within your patient roster lurk a handful of Nervous Nellies whose crippling dental anxieties render them difficult, not to say exasperating, to treat. Wish you could sedate them without medical assistance whose disadvantages (side effects, cost) don’t do right by either of you?

Get to know NuCalm 2.0 ($4,300;

-a neuroscientific system that promotes deep relaxation. Solace Lifesciences, NuCalm’s manufacturer, was founded by Dr. Blake Holloway in 2002. Having developed NuCalm to help treat post­traumatic stress. he debuted it on the dental market in 2010, and the company has since reported a 9 5 percent satisfaction rate among some 85,000 dental patients.

Whence that “2.0”?

The recently redesigned NuCalm is (of course) app-centric. It works microcurrent stimula­tion behind the ears, all of which bring the brain just to the edge of sleep.on the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for control of those body functions that aren’t consciously directed – breathing is a prime example, as is the classic fight-or-flight response instinct. To use NuCalm, a patient applies a topical cream or takes a chewable supplement to counteract adrenaline. Then come an eye mask. “neuroacous­tic ” sounds piped through noise-canceling headphones and microcurrent stimula­tion behind the ears, all of which bring the brain just to the edge of sleep.

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