Why is Larry Cohen bubbling with enthusiasm?

As Chairman and Chief Customer of Benco Dental, Larry Cohen (shown),  joins the team at the nation’s largest privately owned dental distribution company in their support of the Second Annual Bubble Gum Challenge.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 18.30.37From April 1 to 30, the general public and the dental community can improve lives with a simple bubble.

The 2017 Bubble Gum Challenge @oralcancerblows features individuals, including members of the dental community, utilizing social media to post pictures and videos of themselves blowing bubbles for those who cannot.

Created by Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. (OCC), a non-profit organization that is celebrating its fifth year of improving the lives of oral cancer patients and their families, the Challenge is a whimsical way to draw attention to a devastating disease with a 50 percent mortality rate. OCC hopes that the Challenge will highlight the impacts of oral cancer and the fact that many survivors lose various functionalities, including the ability to chew gum or blow a bubble.

Sponsors of the Second Annual Bubble Gum Challenge, including Benco Dental, Care Credit and Revenue Well, aim to increase public awareness of oral cancer and help cancer patients through financial support.

Want to help?

#bubblechallenge17 #oralcancerblows  #oralcancercause

Learn more about the cause: https://thedailyfloss.com/2017/03/09/think-oralcancerblows-then-youre-ready-for-the-bubble-gum-challenge/

Bubblegum ChallengeIMG_1909
Up for a challenge? Benco Dental Senior Managers hone their skills prior to the April Bubble Gum Challenge to benefit Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. Get your dental team involved and find out how to donate: https://thedailyfloss.com/2017/03/09/think-oralcancerblows-then-youre-ready-for-the-bubble-gum-challenge/

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