Does negativity make you want to scream? Robb Zbierski has a solution.

“He is awesome! I could listen to him 24/7. I wish I had a virtual Robb to start every day!!” said Melissa Mahle, Purchasing Agent at Benco Dental after Robb Zbierski’s 9 a.m. presentation “Train Your Brain for Success”.

rob-zimg_9477Robb Zbierski, a speaker for Freedom Personal Development, visited the dental distribution company’s home office in Pittston, Pennsylvania today as a guest presenter. Judging by the crowd at all three sessions, and their interaction with Zbierski, Mahle was not alone in her enthusiasm for his message.

In 2016, Zbierski shared his energy in Dallas, Texas at the 2016 Lucy Hobbs Project Annual Celebration, which is an initiative sponsored by Benco Dental to engage and empower women in dentistry. Today the company invited him to its hub invite associates based there to receive the same opportunity to participate in his educational and entertaining program.

From realizing the difference between “a groove and a rut,” and the importance of attitude, to managing your personal mindset, Zbierski offered impactful suggestions —wfm90606-rmawqlcpyqwiftvskxadwjuwjybhetrc-v2embracing laughter among them.

Learn more about Zbierski, and the book “Train Your Brain for Success,” by Roger Seip,on which his discussion is based, visit:



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