Dental Compare: MouthWatch intraoral camera means business.

MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras integrate easy, single-press button capture functionality into just about every leading imaging software.

Ability to interface is just one of several reasons it was rated best intraoral camera on Dental Compare’s list of best products of 2016, taking the #2 spot overall. MouthWatch’s high quality at a reasonable price –$299–factors in as well.

Other benefits:
* Crystal clear images
* Comfortable design
* Bright LEDs
* Ease of use
* USB 2.0
* One-year warranty

According to Dental Compare:

“Intraoral cameras are great to have on hand, and the MouthWatch camera is incredibly popular because it is by far the most economical option available. But while the camera has a small sticker price, it doesn’t sacrifice quality imaging, and the company is developing ways this imaging system can be put to use for the emerging arena of Teledentistry.”

exam_tab_lgLearn more about the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera from MouthWatch LLC, the MouthWatch teledentistry product line, including  Mouthwatch ExamTab and Mouthwatch Teledent:

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