London calling. Specifically the British Dental Association building in Marylebone.

If your schedule doesn’t permit a pop by to 64 Wimpole Street in London’s Marylebone neighborhood this week  ( Tuesday and Thursdays from 1-2.p.m), then a virtual tour by  Will Noble of their dental archives will do nicely.

Among other historical findings at the British Dental Association,  exhibits there offer insight as to:

  • how a 1929 work of art entitled The Dentist landed Dr. Conrad Ackner in hot water with the General Medical Council
  • which popular materials, known as “Waterloo teeth”, comprised dentures
  • what assistance thumbsuckers had at their disposal in the cessation of their habit
  • which 1700s resource offered the first accurate instruction on dental practice.

Ready for your tour?

Consider your visit to:  a mini-holiday.




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