Know what makes a great combination work? Laura Thill explains.

benco_cdeciuceis_lthumbFrom calling on accounts together, to conferring daily in support of their customers Chris DeCiuceis (inset) and Preston Hay use their combined 54 years of industry experience to better represent Benco Dental in Northwestern New Jersey.

The Master Service Technician, DeCiuceis, and Territory Rep, Hay, share their thoughts on teamwork with First Impressions Magazine’s Laura Thill. In her recent report, The Rep, Tech Relationship, Thill speaks with professionals within the dental industry (NSK DentalBenco DentalBurkhart DentalHenry Schein Dental and Midmark) to discover what keeps them so connected: the best interest of their customers.

DeCiuceis explained to Thill:

 “When I first started, it was very rare for sales reps and service technicians to have a close working relationship. Today, we work as a team. We need each other in order to help our customers meet their goals.”

Is it always a two-way street? Does text messaging help or hinder the process? Find out at:



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