Searching for a pastime that will add some buzz to your new year?

When she’s not fixing smiles, Dr. Jean Resnevic has one honey of a side interest: tending to her backyard colony of bees.

“There’s a certain adrenaline you get with beekeeping. You open the hive, and the bees are all over your face, on your mask. on your head, on your clothes. You feel like you’re so close to danger,” she says, “but you kind of find peace within it.”

During the workweek, Dr. Resnevic oversees an all-female staff at Dr. Jean Resnevic Dental Care, her year-old practice in Greenville, Rhode Island. Downtime, however, finds her in charge of another helpful team: the 15,000 to 50,000 honeybees (depending on the season) she keeps in her home garden.

Read this 40 Under 40 honoree’s recent interview with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle mag to learn why honeybees really don’t want to sting humans, and to find out if this hobby might be a perfect fit for you:

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