Searching for Fall’s beer alternative (that won’t rot your teeth)?

It might be hard cider, according to Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine Spirits columnist Jeffery Lindenmuth’s latest installment.

“An apple a day might deep the doctor away, but smash it, ferment it and bottle the tasty results, and doctors of dental surgery come running. Hard cider, the stuff with alcohol, is a colonial-era beverage enjoying a huge resurgence. Americans drank 30 million cases last year, compared to just 4.2 million cases in 2009. Unlike many mass-market “6-pack” ciders, the best ciders are made from fresh apples, without the addition of concentrate or sugar, and often include varieties specific to cider, giving them wine-like complexity.”

Read his take on five “beauties”– 1911 Founders’ Reserve Hard Cider Hopped,  Angry Orchard Walden Hollow 2016,  Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie 2014, and Domaine Christian Drouhin Poiré “Pear Cider,” — in the Fall edition of Incisal Edge

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