How can you get GLO-ing and Sinsational reviews?

Spend an evening giving back.
At a recent #TheLucyHobbsProject give-back event hosted by Jennifer Schau DDS (shown in dental chair) in Saginaw, Michigan,  more than 20 attendees not only supported the Dress for Success Foundation with 50 items of professional women’s clothing, but also reviewed tooth whitening options for patients with tooth sensitivity.
The #GloScience and #SinsationalSmiles teams demonstrated in-office and take-home offerings and whitened Dr. Schau’s normally sensitive teeth, as well as other attendees’ teeth, with positive results: no sensitivity, and brighter, whiter smiles!

GLO Science and Sinsational Smiles supported the event, and Dentsply, Premier and Benco Brands provided materials for demonstrations.

Leslie Ytkin and Jennifer Vasquez from Glo offered complete demos of both in-office and take-home systems, including re-training Friendly Benco Rep Jennifer Ireland CDA, RDA, BS (shown whitening the teeth of her patient, Dr. Schau) fully on their system. 

Lisa Campagna from Sinsational Smiles demonstrated her system by whitening the teeth of three attendees with great results and no sensitivity.

“We whitened Dr. Schau’s teeth. She was already light (B1) but the goal was to demonstrate the lack of sensitivity as she’s normally super sensitive. She had none, lightened a couple of shades, and brightened her smile immensely,” said Ireland, who organized the event with Benco Dental’s Threasa Liddell and The Lucy Hobbs Project’s Kathleen Bird.


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