Five reasons you should nominate your dental practice design today.


  1. Not to state the obvious, but nominations for the 4th annual Incisal Edge Design Competition sponsored by Herman Miller, will be accepted through September 9, 2016. (Five days and counting.)
  2. Winners in three categories (new construction, repurposed practice and specialty IncisalEdge_2017DesignContestpractice) will win an Aeron Chair valued at $3,000 provided by Herman Miller (shown).
  3. If your staff and patients compliment your dental practice design all the time, it stands to reason that your efforts and creativity deserve a professional photo session, which is another benefit of being a competition winner.
  4. Did we mention all winners will be spotlighted in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine’s Winter issue? After a juried panel from the dental and architectural worlds select America’s most striking practices, each judge offers expert commentary within the magazine’s pages. (This means glowing praise for all your efforts from experts in their field – a high five, if you will.)
  5. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Even if you don’t win, your nomination will be featured at where the magnificence of your practice will serve as inspiration for other dentists and architects.Haven’t entered yet — what are you waiting for?
    For contest specifics, visit:, an entry point created for ease of use, where previous year’s winners provide motivation, and detailed instructions offer helpful tips.

    Good luck!!!

    Screenshot 2016-09-02 14.21.24

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