Does Cranberry® animation make you jump for joy?


For 25 years, Cranberry®@cranberryusa has been a pioneering brand committed to designing products dental professionals can rely on for “strength in protection and superior comfort needed to make it through your day.”

A recent marketing campaign for their Moisture Lock® series of examination gloves demonstrates that same pioneering spirit. Lighthearted animation aims to engage, while incorporating research, a customer testimonial and product benefits.

Sure, Cranberry is touting their latest line of gloves created to prevent irritation such as dryness, itching and cracked skin. But the 0:1:30 second-explanation of a proprietary formulation of lanolin and vitamins and its soothing benefits to hands, also generates some smiles.


No surprise, considering they brought  Cranberry Fantastic Animos to life in 2012.

Learn more about the company’s nitrile powder-free gloves and the benefits they provide while enjoying Cranberry’s latest YouTube sensation:


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