98% clinical performance + above average strength = Obsidian

A rating of “excellent” by The Dental Advisor tells the story for Glidewell Dental Laboratories’ Obsidian. The restoration material recently received a 98% clinical performance rating at the 30-month recall.

The review:

“The performance and esthetics of Obsidian crowns during the 30-month evaluation period has been exceptional. The restorations will continue to be monitored over time.”

Recommended mainly for anterior and premolar crowns, Obsidian is a lithium silicate glass ceramic indicated for crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. It exhibits excellent translucency resulting in superior esthetics and possesses above average exural strength, according to the dental publication that since 1983 has been a trusted expert to dental professionals worldwide with concise, accurate, and objective information.

According to The Dental Advisor’s Clinical Evaluation Protocol:

A total of 226 Obsidian restorations were placed over a 12-month period. One hundred and ninety-nine (199) restorations were recalled at 30 months. The restorations included 64 anterior crowns and 135 premolar crowns involving both upper and lower teeth. All restorations were fabricated and the internal surface pre-etched by Glidewell Dental Laboratories. Tooth preparation guidelines provided by Glidewell Dental Laboratories were adhered to. All restorations were cemented with resin cements. Forty (18%) restorations were cemented with self-adhesive resin cements and 186 (82%) were cemented with adhesive resin cements.

View the complete evaluation at: http://www.obsidianceramic.com/promotion/2016/08/pressed-to-metal/dental-advisor-obsidian-report.pdf

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